IP Address Lookup Online tool

IP Address Lookup is an online tool that lets you figure important details about an IP address. You just have to enter the IP and within a second you could reveal the information you want.

What exactly do you get?

  • IP geolocation such as the state or the region, country, and city
  • Postal code/ Zipcode of the IP
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Time zone

What is My IP Address?

You can see it on the IP Address Lookup landing page. It's a unique series of numbers that identify computers or any devices that connect to the internet. It is simply an electronic address that pointing out where do you live in the internet world. Find what is my ipv4 address by using the search bar.

Why do you need IP address Lookup?

Find out my IP address is useful as a person who uses the internet. You could even verify the IP of the others as well. If you want to troubleshoot your network or want to access shares on another computer it's essential to know your IP. How about connecting to a DVR security camera?. That's right, knowing what is my IP can be useful. And also IP address lookup can help you to identify your location of VPN to protect your privacy. Such as accessing streaming services and online gaming. However, finding my IP address is not rocket science. All you have to do has come to the IP address lookup site.

IP address location

As you already know, the IP Address Lookup tool is capable to find information on an IP address. It can point you toward the country or state city and postal code as well. But it might not be able to track the IP address's exact location due to various reasons. Such as using VPN. Because the whole point of using a VPN is to hide the IP addresses from the IP checker. or else it can be the location of the agency that controls the IPs, registered locations of IPs, proxies, and cellular IPs.

IP Address Lookup Results

Finding my IP address can be fun and all. but IP Address Lookup tool has limitations indeed. So you have to understand the fact that any IP checker can not provide you the IP address's exact location. Such as the physical address and the owner of the IP. As an IP location finder, it can only direct you to a certain point. At best it could be the city and postal code. In fact, only the Internet Service Provider is the one who can hand over them to your such sensitive information. And without legal documents or police warrants, it's hard to believe they would reveal them.

Your Information

FAQ - Most common questions

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Actually, it doesn't reveal any of the confidential information to such an extent that it could harm you. People couldn't figure out the name, age, how exactly you look like, or where do you live using only your IP address. But it's not impossible for cybercriminals who still could add it to a database and sell it to a third party. Even though it won't be a drastic privacy data breach it's better if you could take action to be protected online.
  • Government authorities
  • Your Employer
  • Advertisers and Retailers
  • Chatrooms and blacklist databases
  • Websites and Online services
  • Hackers and Cybercriminals
And just like you do anyone can look up your IP address using online tools.
There are few methods that you can hide your IP address and avoid track the IP address's exact location. You can use a proxy server. But it's not recommended because it's too risky. Then you can use a browser that does not keep track of you such as TOR. Even that doesn't feel like the safest you can also use public wifi. It can be really hard to find your details. But there is a safe and secure method which you could not be bothered with and feet extra insurance. That's is using a proper and well-reputed VPN. By using it you can mislead anyone who tracks your IP.
VPN can cover your real IP address and assign a new IP that is pointed all over the world. In fact, If an individual tries to track it they only could get the IP that showed him by the VPN that might be on the opposite side of the world.