Aries (Mesha): Circumstances that could cause humiliation to you are likely when the Sun moves into your 9th House by the weekend. However, Venus in the 8th House can bring you an increased income and higher status and generally a happy time. Mars though unfavourable in the 7th House has turned benefic due to Jupiter already in this House who assures you of robust health, an increase in income and a happy family life. There is a strong possibility of long distance travel.

Taurus (Vrushabha): You have to brace for heavy expenses when the Sun moves into your 8th House to join Saturn by the weekend. Disharmony in the family and disputes with spouse and also business partners are likely due to the adverse effect of the new Mercury – Venus combination in the 7th House. Mars in your 6th House holds out honour and status and power and influence. But Jupiter in this House indicates ill health and financial losses. The ongoing period is favourable for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa.

Gemini (Mithuna): Problems in marital relations and disharmony in the family are possibilities indicated by the Sun due in your 7th House to join Saturn by the weekend. Ill health and bad time socially are indicated by Venus in your 6th House. Mars in your 5thHouse may cause mental unrest. Challenges to your authority are likely ahead. Saturn now in your 7th House being the lord of the 9th House could become a beneficiary in certain respects, but could sour your relations with your spouse and even your business partners. A retrograde Mercury indicates adverse trends in the money market.

Cancer (Kataka): A happy time at work, an enhanced income, dominance over rivals are held out by the Sun due in the 6th House by the weekend. Wealth and a happy time with friends are indicated by Venus in your 5th House. Fame and recognition for natives who are artistes like actors and musicians are also on the cards. Disruptions to studies, disputes with relatives, fever and digestive troubles are indicated by the Jupiter-Mars combination in your 4th House. Monetary gains, an upper hand over enemies and rivals and success at contests and competitions in the long run are held out by Saturn conjunct with the Sun in the 6th House.

Leo (Simha): A powerful Mars in the 3rd House despite Jupiter’s unfavourable presence in it signifies happiness from children, good health and new sources of income. Living comforts and success in studies are indicated by Venus in your 4th House. However, Sun in the 4th House indicates a time of mental unrest, disharmony in the family and stomach-related problems. Monetary problems, ill health and worries are indicated by the Sun due in the 5th House by the weekend where Saturn already in it is a pointer to the need for paying attention to the safety of your children.

Virgo (Kanya): Be prepared to face a brief period of worries, mental unrest, poor health and domestic problems when the Sun joins Saturn in your 4th House by the weekend. However, Jupiter in the 2nd house may counter this unfavourable situation to some extent for it could give in some measure comforts, sensual pleasures and a generally happy time. You have to watch your speech lest you may utter things that may offend others due to Mars in this House. Venus in the 3rd House holds out joyous short journeys. You also have to exercise care, circumspect and foresight in regard to transactions related to land and other property.

Libra (Thula): The Sun due in the 3rd House by the weekend indicates a generally favourable time ahead. However, it is advisable to avoid embarking on new plans and programs given the unfavourable influence of Mars-Jupiter combination in your 1st House. Lagnadhipati Venus in your 2nd House may bring you an increased income. Saturn’s ingress into your 3rd House marks the end of a generally unfavourable time you have gone through forseveral years in the past.

Scorpio (Vrushika): You are advised to pay greater attention to your eye care when the Sun joins Saturn in the 2nd House by the weekend. A favourable Mercury in the 2nd House signifies an increase in income and a happy time in the family. Venus in your Lagna can imbue you with a cheerful disposition and a buoyant spirit. Saturn now in your 2nd House raises the prospect of another stretch of a trying time. You can look forward to a very bright future if you act with patience, foresight and sagacity to meet the challenges ahead. Mars in your 12th House poses a threat to your personal safety and reputation while Jupiter in it indicates the possibility of fruitless travels.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): High blood pressure, heart problems, ill health and heavy expenses are possibilities indicated by the Sun due in the Lagna by the weekend to join Saturn already placed in it causing the Shani Erashtaka. However, in a contradictory position Jupiter-Mars combination in the 11th House holds out wealth, health, happiness and a happy return home for those overseas. So it is going to be a bag of mixed results for you lying ahead. Venus in the 12th House may tilt the balance in your favour to some extent as it may counter the ill effects to some extent.

Capricorn (Makara): The Sun due in your 12th House to join Saturn signifies a generally unfavourable period ahead. However, in a redeeming feature, an increase in income, a happy family life and help and the company of friends are held out by Venus in your 11th House. Mars in the 10th House holds out a rise in career and even gainful foreign travels. However, Jupiter now in the 10th House could cause setbacks and disappointments. The passage of retrograde Mercury in the 11th House indicates a favourable time for business, but not for trading on the stock exchange.

Aquarius (Kumbha): You can look forward to success in all your endeavors due to a powerful Sun transiting your 10th House. However, Venus in this 10th House indicates attempts to bring you into disrepute. Increased financial gains and profits from enterprises are held out Mercury in your 11th House. Saturn in your 11th House will give you a good income, sound health and a happy time at work. Jupiter in the 9th House can bring honours and recognition for academic skills and gainful distant travel. However, Mars may counter to some extent the good effects to be caused by Jupiter.

Pisces (Meena): The Sun due in the 11th House holds out a happy time at work, and success in all endeavors and countering the ill effects being caused by Saturn from the same House. Venus now transiting in your 9th House assures a generally happy and prosperous time ahead. Mars-Jupiter combination in the 8th House is unfavourable. While Mars makes you prone to accidents and disease requiring surgical treatment, Jupiter could cause unnecessary expenditure and involvement in law suits and litigation.