Aries: Reese Witherspoon

Reese is a quintessential Aries. She’s a natural leader who exudes charisma, as evidenced by her screen presence and eloquence on stage. All fire signs are bold and confident and attention-grabbing, but none quite like the Aries ram. The first sign of the zodiac is notable for ambition, assertion and intolerance for bullshit.

Aries is an impatient, stubborn sign that hates being bossed around or told what to do. They would rather take initiative into their own quick-witted, capable hands. As an Aries, Reese recognized a problem — the lack of female representation in film — and immediately resolved to tackle it. She describes her ideal female lead as “bold and haunted and dangerous and triumphant.” This is a woman who knows what she believes, knows what she wants and does not hesitate to make it happen for herself. She holds herself with the air of a true Aries: she is uncompromising, alluring and strong.

Taurus: Adele

Adele’s voice is celestial. Her talent is otherworldly. That is precisely the magic of the bull. Taurus is ruled by Venus — the planet of love and passion — but it’s also a fixed earth sign, which makes Taurus stubborn and purposeful. Adele perfectly embodies this combination. She has the power to create beautiful, moving, gut-wrenching art, but she only does so on her own terms. Capable of intense focus, she will not be rushed or coerced. She is in control of her own creative drives, her own decisions.
Adele is also delightfully silly; she feels the full spectrum of human emotion and isn’t afraid to express that in a positive way. Like a true Taurus, she is unconcerned with outer appearances, uninterested in showing off — and yet bewilderingly charming.

Gemini: Kendrick Lamar

A startling number of influential musicians claim the twins as their sun sign: Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Kanye West. One of Prince’s many alter-egos was literally named “Gemini.” It makes sense. Geminis are often hyper-analytical, philosophical, restless and internally conflicted, which causes them to crave expressive outlets. But few artists have represented the sign so archetypically as one of modern music’s biggest names: Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick channels his dualities into cohesive, eloquent, inspiring projects. Kendrick is arguably the best rapper alive today. He ebbs and flows seamlessly between personalities in his music, from the swaggering millionaire to the champion of humility and progress. His command over the spoken word — his talent for intelligent, curious, precise communication of complex emotion — makes him the true ‘ultimate Gemini’.

Cancer: Selena Gomez

For 10 years, we have watched her grow and change. Her style’s evolved, her questionable exes have reemerged, but Selena remains inexplicably lovable. That’s the hallmark of a Cancer. Haley recently described Selena as ‘perfectly imperfect’, which is also the Cancer sign in a nutshell.

Cancers are known for their maturity in spiritual, karmic and artistic ways. They’re very sensitive to their surroundings and emotions, which makes them caring, generous, and intuitive to other’s needs. Selena is one of few celebrities who seems to genuinely care for her fans Like a classic Cancer, Selena seems to naturally emit a soothing aura. She’s just plain lovable, dammit.

Leo: Kylie Jenner

Only a Leo would be capable of creating a nationwide fervor with just an unconfirmed rumor. Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? Nobody knows, but we’re still talking about it. Leos are stereotypically depicted as vain, self-obsessed people. And it’s true that a typical Leo thrives on compliments and recognition, but this is often the result of a surprisingly fragile ego. Kylie is the perfect example of a Leo who has grown up in the exposure of a blinding spotlight. She handles the attention expertly. Her narcissism seems to be the shield she has built to combat lifelong criticism, creeping insecurity and a fear of irrelevance. It has proved very effective.

Instead of blindly following the gold-paved path of her older sisters, she became a powerful businesswoman, entrepreneur and media mogul in her own right. If that doesn’t embody the buoyant Leo spirit, nothing does.

Virgo: Zendaya

Here’s how I knew Zendaya was a Virgo, even before looking up her birth date: the girl is freshly 21 years old and already has her shit figured out better than most adults. Hell, she had her shit figured out five years ago, making demands in a room full of Disney Channel executives. At 16 years old, she completely transformed a kids’ show — originally and embarrassingly titled Super Awesome Katy — into one of female empowerment, starring Zendaya as a math genius working undercover as a spy.

Did I mention that she covered Vogue? Or that she already landed a starring role in a major superhero franchise? Or that her calculated take-down of Giuliana Rancic’s racist Fashion Police comments earned her national praise and her very own Barbie doll? Virgos are renowned for their analytical, detail-oriented thinking. They can be skeptical, self-critical perfectionists — or, when their self-image is nurtured properly, ambitious hard-workers who take great pride in their work. Zendaya is clearly the latter.

Libra: Halsey

Billboard has called Halsey “pop’s most progressive star,” largely due to her being outspokenly bisexual, biracial and bipolar. Her thoughtful, outgoing and expressive nature illustrates the Libran scales perfectly; she strives for harmony and flexibility in her life, often going above and beyond to show her fans that she cares. Libra is known as the people-pleaser, capable of inhabiting many sides of a personality. They are authentic, but pliable.

The typical Libra is motivated primarily by love. The sign is ruled by Venus, and Librans tend to be big believers in soulmates. As a moveable sign, however, they are both creative and fickle. Librans, like Halsey, are the type to pour their hearts into people they’ve just met and wind up with spectacular, conscious-altering love stories that they turn into art. Halsey’s most recent single, “Bad at Love,” and, more largely, her album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which was conceived as a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet — epitomizes this stereotype.

Scorpio: Lorde

Trust a Scorpio to walk around with the zodiac sign in bedazzled letters on the back of her jacket. Or to consistently refer to herself as a witch. Or to become a world-famous 16-year-old. Or to choose a stage name that so effortlessly embodies the drama of religion, worship and irony all in one. Truly, if only one Scorpio ever existed, it’s Lorde.
Scorpios are intensely private, guarded and secretive individuals. They’re often read as mysterious. The typical Scorpio is highly developed, both intellectually and spiritually, with a keen sense of the world around them. Lorde is the Scorpio sign incarnate: her composed, aloof exterior does not betray the fiery sensitivity of the scorpion. She chooses to reveal that sensitivity through songwriting instead. As a healthy, well-adjusted Scorpio, Lorde has found the perfect outlet for her sign’s obsessive, sometimes self-destructive nature — and has used it to transform herself, elevate her emotions and inspire others.

Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj

The trademark of the archer is that they leave a mark — however small — on any person, place or industry that they touch. For Nicki Minaj, it just happens to be a miles-long succession of marks that follow her like a comet’s tail. Like a true Sagittarius, she is never one to shy away from a well-earned boast.

Sagittarians are charismatic, seductive people. In this way, Nicki’s self-assuredness, optimism and confidence draws people toward her. She had an iconic verse featured on Kanye West’s song “Monster” before she had even released a debut album. The Sagittarian nature is actualized in Nicki Minaj: the endless ambition; the seeming indestructibility; the energetic, shiny, bubblegum-pink aura; the charming cockiness. She sees each obstacle as a challenge and faces them all with a smirk. She’s flirty, a notorious show-off, an independent, talented woman who stands alone at the top, but never gets lonely.

Capricorn: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was always a down-to-earth, practical, capable woman — traits to be expected from an earth sign — but as First Lady, she was elevated. She spent eight years in a job she never wanted nor asked for, quietly emanating a sense of confidence and poise in a way that only Capricorns can.

Barack Obama has said that his wife never sought a career in politics or a life in the spotlight. True to form, Capricorns typically prefer to exist behind the scenes, working methodically and reliably. Capricorns are self-sufficient to the point of introversion. However, this sign also has remarkable potential for leadership. No figure exemplifies this paradox more clearly than Michelle Obama, from her ease in front of a crowd and penchant for inspirational words to her warm character and generous spirit. It is the Capricorn’s nature to stick it out and hold her ground, whether it’s refusing to quit a job until it’s finished or holding fast to a clear set of values. They love to prove people wrong. She has a clarity of purpose and a resilience that is unmatched elsewhere in the zodiac.

Aquarius: Harry Styles

Harry Styles, without realizing it, actually coined the ultimate Aquarius catchphrase: “It makes me cry performing it sometimes,” he said of his album’s lead single. Only a true Aquarius could understand what it means to feel yourself overflow with emotion — onstage, no less — but “in a cool way.”
Aquarians are famously open-minded, curious and adaptable people. They’re highly capable of introspection and consequential evolution, happy to eschew the old and embrace the new. Harry’s forray into a solo career has cemented his future as the Aquarian overlord. As an Aquarius, he naturally stands out. And true to the water bearer’s reputation as the zodiac’s humanitarian, he is progressive, forward-thinking and clearly interested in using his platform in a positive way — from flying the LGBT pride flag at his shows to making sure all his fans feel welcome and loved.

Pisces: Rihanna

The last sign of the zodiac is often stereotyped as the daydreaming weirdo — head in the clouds, totally out of touch. There is an airy, untroubled, who-gives-a-damn kind of thing about Rihanna that is unmistakably Pisces. She has an impenetrably strong sense of self and no concern as to whether it matches the public opinion.

The quintessential Pisces attitude is one of shrugs and fearlessness. Pisceans are suffused with empathy and compassion, but when it comes to their own selves, they exercise complete agency. They are sensitive to their environments and can easily absorb negativity, so they often escape into their own worlds, consciously craft their own narratives and observe others. Rihanna seems to have an inherent understanding of the world around her and a complete nonchalance regarding the aspects she cannot change. In classic Piscean style, Rihanna navigates the world using a sharp and wise intuition.

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