Aries (Mesha): Worries, increased expenditure and sore throat are indicated by Mercury due in your 9th House by November 24. Sun in your 8th House is a warning for you to mind your health and safety. Meanwhile, your 6th House has now gained strength with the ingress of Mars and as a result, an improvement in your financial position, higher status and a rise in your career or a new better job are on the cards. Your 7th House where JupiterVenus combination is placed assures you of robust health, an increase in income and a happy family life.

Taurus (Vrushabha): Financial stability and success in all projects are assured when Mercury enters your 8th House shortly provided your Dasas are also favourable. Sun in your 7th House is a warning for you to be more tactful in dealing with your spouse and business partners. Harsha Yoga-generating Venus strengthens your 6th House. Mars in the 5th House is not favourable for children and you are advised to pay greater attention to their safety and security. It is advisable for you to commission or wrap up pending plans and projects before November 26.

Gemini (Mithuna): Lagnadhipati Mercury Sun due in your 7th House signifies mentally and physically trying time ahead. Sun in the 6th House indicates a position of strength from where you can wield power and influence and an upper hand over rivals. Saturn now in your 7th House being the lord of the 9th House could become a beneficiary in certain respects, but could sour your relations with your spouse and even your business partners. Swakshetra Venus-Jupiter combination in your 5th House indicates a very favourable time with marital happiness and an increase in income.

Cancer (Kataka): A brief period marked by a good income, good health and a happy time at the workplace are held out by Mercury due in your 6th House shortly. An unfavourable time for gaming activity and speculationrelated business is indicated by the Sun in your 5th House. Heavy expenses are also likely. However, your 4th House where a strong Venus and Jupiter are placed holds out success in educational pursuits, enhanced living comforts, peace of mind and happiness in the family. Monetary gains, an upper hand over enemies and rivals and success at contests and competitions in the long run are held out by Saturn already in your 6th House.

Leo (Simha): Personal problems and heavy expenses are likely to trouble you when Mercury moves in to your 5th House on November 24. Sun in the 4th House indicates a time of mental unrest, disharmony in the family and stomach-related problems. With Saturn now in your 5th House, you have to pay greater attention to the health and safety of your children. Venus in your 3rd House where Jupiter is also posited imbues you with courage and moral strength and holds out a good time professionally and financially. With Mars unfavorably placed in your 2nd House, you have to watch your speech lest you would offend others.

Virgo (Kanya): A good income, a good reputation, luxuries and comforts are signified by mercury due in your 4th House shortly. Sun in the 3rd House holds out a positive mindset buoyed up with courage and self-confidence. Venus in your 2nd House where Jupiter is placed holds out a happy family life, marital happiness and monetary gains. Saturn in your 4th House could cause you mental unrest, health problems and disputes in the family. You also have to exercise care, circumspect and foresight in regard to transactions related to land and other property. Mars in the Lagna makes you vulnerable to accidents that could cause head injuries.

Libra (Thula): Brace for possible disputes with relatives and close associates when Mercury moves into your 3rd House shortly. You are warned of a possible fall in your income, financial worries and falling victim to deceit due to the Sun in your 2nd House. Lagnadhipati Venus in your Lagna holds out a happy and a prosperous time ahead. Saturn’s ingress into your 3rd House marks the end of a generally unfavourable time you have gone through for several years in the past. You can look forward to an increase in income, a rise in career or a more satisfying job and a happy family life. However, Mars in your 12th House until November 30 may cause heavy expenses, poor health and even dishonor and humiliation.

Scorpio (Vrushika): An increase in income and a happy time in the family are assured by Mercury due in your 2nd House shortly. However, you may have to suffer a loss of status and face obstacles due to the adverse influence of Sun in the Lagna. Venus in your 12th House generating the auspicious Vimala Yoga gives your health and happiness while imbuing you with a keen perception and a positive outlook. Saturn now in your 2nd House raises the prospect of another stretch of a trying time. You can look forward to a very bright future if you act with patience, foresight and sagacity to meet the challenges ahead. Mars in your 11th House continues to assure an increase in income, career success and the patronage of high-ups.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): Mercury about to transit in your Lagna indicates possible ailments like sore throat, headaches and tonsillitis. The Sun in the 12th House warns of an unfavourable time troubled by heavy expenditure and ill-health. However, countering this adverse effects, Venus in your 11th House with Jupiter could bring you fame, popularity, comforts and luxuries, financial security and relief from debts. You have come again under the adverse influence of Lagna Shani Erashtaka or Sade Sati, but this malefic period is not hard on Sagittarius natives.

Capricorn (Makara): Heavy expenditure, involvement in litigation and troubles from enemies are likely when Mercury enters your 12th House shortly. The passage of the Sun in the 11th House confers honour, health, wealth and success. Powerful Venus giving rise to the effects of Malavya Yoga brings you happiness and physical wellbeing. Meanwhile Saturn in your 12th House despite being your Lagnadhipati could cause you disease, distress and dishonor in the long run. A rise in career or a promotion to a higher rank is likely for those running a favourable Maha Dasa, the Sun’s in particular.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Increased financial gains and profits from enterprises are held out by Mercury due in your 11th House. Sun in your 10th House brings your aspirations and plans to fruition. You can look forward to happiness and success in all endeavors. Venus in your 9th House indicates immense benefits, such as comforts and luxuries, business success, good health and a new residence among a host of other benefits. Saturn in your 11th House will give you a good income, sound health and a happy time at work. Jupiter in the 9th House can bring you honours and recognition for academic skills and gainful distant travel.

Pisces (Meena): Mercury due to begin passage in your 10th House will bring you happiness and gains from all your endeavors. The Sun in your 9th House may cause danger, humiliation, dependency, disappointment and separation from the beloved. But a more powerful Venus in your 8th House can counteract these ill-effects to a great extent. Saturn now in your 10th House could adversely affect your career or make you unhappy at your workplace. Your honour too is at stake while expenses will go up. So you have to be on alert to preempt circumstances which could cause such bad effects. Mars in the 7th House could mar peace and happiness in the family