TNA leader R Sampanthan

If current environment continues

Opposition Leader, R. Sampanthan has warned that Sri Lanka’s political situation would only worsen if the current situation continues. “It is the people who must make the final decision in the exercise of their sovereignty. Things can only get worse; they cannot get any better, if the same situation continues,” Sampanthan said in Parliament during the debate on the interim report of the Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly. He pointed out that in the past violence was unleashed against the Tamil people whenever they made legitimate political demands. “Tamil people of the North-East have been absolutely clear in regard to the manner and mode of power-sharing particularly in the North East,” he added. “It is well known that our National Issue has become internationalised, because of the blunders we have committed and because we have not been able to amicably resolve the national question ourselves.” He further pointed out that the war commenced due to the non-resolution of the national question, adding that the national question yet remains unsolved. “It is more than eight years since the War came to an end but the causes for the commencement of the War have not been addressed,” Sampanthan pointed out.