Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera last week defended the moves to establish a new Constitution, stating that it was a must to achieve sustainable peace, stability and reconciliation. The Minister in a communiqué criticized comments by a former military officer that those who support the new constitution should be killed. “Such statements make it very clear that the defeated, power-hungry forces in our country, who don’t value democracy, have got into a frenzy of insanity as they cannot bear to witness the President and the Prime Minister winning the confidence and trust of the public, both locally and internationally, by steering this nation successfully on a democratic path,” he said. “While it is really not worth spending ones time to respond to such insane and outrageous statements made by racist elements, I felt that I must speak up on behalf of the large majority of people in this country who value democracy and who denounce the statements and actions of those who today seem to be suffering as a result of not being able to perform somersaults on dead bodies and satisfy their bloodlust by unleashing their brute force on the innocent public,” the Minister said in his statement.