Junk food is everyone’s Achilles Heel and, on a low day, the only comfort you’d ever get. And there’s no dearth of junk food in our country, with a variety to suit just about every personality type. And since each sign of the zodiac comes with personality traits of its own, we let the dominant traits decide which junk food works best for which sign. Read on to find out yours.

Aquarius – Freakshake

Happy, friendly and the idealistic sort, we bet every Aquarian rejoiced with the advent of the freakshake. Filled with the goodness of just about every dessert there is, the Aquarius knows it’s the best of all worlds. And they won’t mind sharing it with you, provided they get the first sip. Aries – Nachos Dominantly, Aries exhibit a childlike excitement for everything, and are quite the feisty bunch. So it’s but natural you’d lunge for a plate of hot Mexican nachos, loaded with cheese and salsa. And of course, you’d eat the food by hand and get it all over yourself, but we don’t judge.

Taurus – Chocolate sundae

Indulgent to a fault, every Taurean finds their weakness in chocolate. So when faced with the choice of eating mum’s homecooked food, like roti-subzi, or digging into an overloaded chocolate sundae (with ice-cream, brownies, chocolate sauce – the works!) you know which one you’re going for.

Gemini – Pakoras

Versatile and driven by the novelty factor, you never know what to expect with a Gemini. And when a plateful of pakoras, in all shapes and sizes, makes its way to you, it’s like you’ve found an essence of yourself in a plate of hot, fried food!

Leo – Fries

They love to share and they’re a generous bunch. The fiery Leos love nothing more than a plate of fries that they can split with everyone at the table. But watch out – restaurant staff has a thing coming for them if they get the opinionated Leo potato wedges instead of fries. Fries aren’t interchangeable.

Virgo – Half ‘n’ half pizza

Known for their practical approach to life, the Virgo cares for everyone around them, and makes sure no one gets left behind, more so in the food department. So, you’re likely to be the one ordering the half-and-half, vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza for the table, lest someone gets left out. Blush

Libra – Aaloo chaat

Librans are a charming lot. They like balance in their lives, and so, when the bland aaloo meets the spicy chutneys and masala, the Libran is happiest. And the humble potato serves the diplomatic Libran best, isn’t it? Pisces – Street-style Chinese On a low day, the giving and artistic Pisces throws all caution to the wind to tuck into platefuls of desi Chinese. From the over-sweet American Chopsuey to the spicy Gobi Manchurian, they want it all!

Sagittarius – Keema pav

No matter what fancy restaurant the exuberant and free-thinking Sagittarian walks into, they’re always going to go back to that roadside stall for a hot keema pav – simple and effective.

Capricorn – Momos

They’ve got the discipline and will-power that’s unmatched, so the Capricorn is more than happy to wait patiently for a plate of steamed momos made to perfection. Don’t be surprised if the meticulous Capricorn is seen eating street food with chopsticks.

Cancer – Noodles

Comfort, care and nurture are the defining traits of every Cancerian, so it’s no wonder that you find your junk-food-soulmate in a plate of instant noodles. We bet you’ve got your own special recipe, too.

Scorpio – Burger

Beware of the Scorpio – they guard their food as closely as their secrets. So when they get themselves a hearty burger, you know they’re not going to split it into two for you! And if it’s got a strong dressing of mustard, that’s better.