PTFDP to garner the support of Asian countries at stakeholder meeting in November 

A meeting with the view of establishing a regional information sharing unit of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Colombo is to be held with the participation of Asian countries soon. The said conference will be held in Sri Lanka on November 23 and 24, this year with the participation of the Home Ministry representatives of each stakeholder country.

The Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention will be organizing the meeting cum conference. Elsewhere, Director of the Task Force, Dr. Samantha Kumara Kithalawaarachchi added that they were at present concluding a research analysis based on data obtained from divisional secretariats in relation to the proposal with regard to lowering the prices of liquor in the budget for the year 2018, especially of soft liquor with the view of promoting tourism, a view which the Task Force dispelled as being an entirely false one.

The findings of the research are to be revealed soon, he said. Such a view is one that is held by the liquor companies, he pointed out, adding that the said view must be quashed. He also informed that they had put forward a proposal with regard to increasing the current tax on tobacco, through the 2018 budget.