The Sabaragamuwa Province is faced with the problem of unemployment, which according to the Governor of the Province, was extremely acute. Governor of the Province, President’s Counsel (PC) Marshal Perera said that although they had provided approximately 4,000 employment opportunities during the past five year period, the number of graduates from State universities and private educational institutions, and others who are joining the ranks of the unemployed, were increasing per annum, thus resulting in a perennial problem. Perera also noted that recently the people in Embilipitiya had protested over the scarcity of water. Meanwhile, he added that he would be calling for a report from the Inspector General of Police and a report from the Provincial Deputy Inspector General of Police with regard to the number of sexual offences including the crime of rape that had taken place and other relevant statistics.

Citing a previous newspaper report which had referenced Police statistics in this regard (that six rapes took place daily), he explained that a rape took place in some part of the country every four hours. “In Ratnapura, there were a few sensational cases, where very young children had been the victims of such. This is a nationwide problem affecting the whole island,” Perera PC elaborated.