Wiggie rejects Steering Committee report

Opposition Leader, R. Sampanthan last week
warned of recurrence of violence and an exodus
of Tamil people in the event Sri Lanka failed to
formulate a new Constitution which would address
their grievances.
Sampanthan, who is also the Parliamentary
Group Leader of the Tamil National Alliance
(TNA) made the observation when he met with
the UK’s Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific,
Mark Field in Colombo last week.
Sampanthan reiterated that framing a new
Constitution was an important task in finding a
solution to the national question.
He warned that failure to adopt a new Constitution
would result in a recurrence of violence.

“Fifty percent of the Sri Lankan Tamils live outside the country” and if we don’t find a lasting solution more people will leave the country,” he warned. Meanwhile, Northern Province Chief Minister, C.V. Wigneswaran had rejected the interim report of the Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly stating it had failed to recognize the rights of the Tamil people. In a media statement last week, Wigneswaran pointed out that the proposals in the report was aligned more towards the Sinhala Buddhists.