Gone are the days where a heroine’s shelf life is a mere five years in the Tamil cinema industry of India. Times have changed and the audiences have evolved over the years. Even the directors have slowly started to move away from scripts that praise the protagonist, towards scripts that have strong storylines. Since of late, many yesteryear actresses have returned to silver screen and have received a warm welcome by fans and critiques alike. Jyothika who made her return to silver screen through the critically acclaimed 36 Vayathinile in 2015 began focusing on women centric stories ever since. ‘Magalir mattum’ (Ladies only) is her second outing after her comeback. But, she is not the only one who runs the show. Yesteryear heroines Urvasi, Bhanupriya and Saranya Ponvannan are in it. Though it is a comeback of sorts for Urvasi and Bhanupriya, Saranya on the other hand have been having a dream run playing character roles ever since ‘Ram’ in 2005. The film is directed by Bramma following his award winning film ‘Kuttram Kadithal’. Prabhavathi (Jyothika) is a documentary film maker and lives with her future mother-in-law Gomatha (Urvasi). Both Prabha and Gomatha are more like friends. During a casual conversation Gomatha reminisces her school days with her closest friends Rani (Bhanupriya) and Subbulakshmi (Saranya). She describes the nature of their friendship to Prabha and also describes the reason for their parting. Ever since she related her story, Gomatha has been yearning to meet her friends with whom she had been out of touch for years. Prabha who notices the change in Gomatha’s behavior tries to locate Rani through Facebook and succeeds connecting both friends via a phone call. Prabha later postpones her documentary assignment and takes Gomatha to see Rani. Though Rani is married, she is more like a domestic in the house and is not respected by her husband (Nasser) or the elder son (Pavel). Prabha then connects both friends with Subbu. Subbu lives with her drunkard husband (Livingston) and ailing and bed-ridden mother-in-law. She does care for her mother-in-law despite the latter detesting her. After a phone conversation with Rani and Gomatha, she decides to leave her home to see her friends. However, she explains the medications that need to be given to the mother-in-law to her husband. She goes to Rani’s home and reunites with her friends. Prabha who cannot stand the way Rani is treated suggests a threeday road trip to fix things. Rani refuses. However, Prabha forcibly takes her by staging her abduction. The story then deals with the road trip with flashback sequences. Their lives take a turn for the better by the time the road trip ends. Magalir Mattum is a feel good film with doses of intensity here and there. All the actors have played their part to the fullest. Urvasi’s comic timing is hilarious. But she also shines as an actress when she pines for her friends. Bhanupriya is elegant. Saranya too has an intense role but at the same time is comic. Jyothika as Prabha is the livewire of the film. She sustains her bubbly nature throughout the film and provides the much needed positive vibes for the three women and helps relive their teens. Special mention should be made about the three girls who played the younger versions of Gomatha, Rani and Subbu. Their looks resemble the respective senior artistes who play the older versions. The director has also worked hard to ensure that the three actresses have the same mannerisms as the seniors to ensure that the performances look authentic. The background score by C.S. Sam elevates each and every scene. Sam conveys the emotions through his music, and at times through silence. Though the film is about women, it is for men too. The director has effectively conveyed their emotions and their desires, which are often untold, to the men in the audience. Watch the film for its fun ride, emotions, and for the surprise cameo in the end.