The Sri Lankan Welfare Association (Sahana), based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), highlighted that they encountered numerous cases involving fellow countrymen stranded in the Middle East, in particular the UAE, sans food, shelter and money. President of the Sahana Association, Upul Gamage said that in certain cases, those migrating from Sri Lanka had been cheated by fellow Lankans and also those in the UAE. He added that other issues faced by Sri Lankans heading to the UAE included matters pertaining to arriving on visit visa and thereafter taking on a job, through an informal procedure. In the case of such persons, neither the Consulate (office of the Consulate/ Consular General of Sri Lanka) nor the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) possessed records of the said individuals nor had any contacts with the employers of the said persons, which are necessary in order to take any action or to provide help under the provisions of the SLBFE Act. The Association which represents the Lankan community in the UAE coordinates with the diplomatic mission on cases involving Sri Lankans and seeks to consistently deliver efficient and effective care and protection for needy Sri Lankans in the UAE such as in the recent case of two females, survivors of a deadly family suicide pact and another case involving a critically ill Sri Lankan at the Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, collecting funds to help pay his hospital bills and to repatriate him for an urgent surgery