Colombo. Monday 25 September 2017. Well-known trainers Sanjeev Jayaratnam and Kumar de Silva are back once again with their signature motivational, skills development, and corporate etiquette workshops – The Smart Professional

Repeated by popular demand, the specially crafted full-day session is scheduled for Thursday 12 October at the Galadari Hotel in Colombo.

“Communication is visual, verbal and physical. This triangle is inescapable. Whether he/she likes it or not, every employee who comes into contact with the public is the unofficial Brand Ambassador of the organisation he/she works for. The corporate world is fiercely competitive and hence the critical need for employees to maintain and project a totally professional at all times”, say the duo.

Participants will learn key aspects which contribute to how they look, communicate with others, how they behave in society, how their personality comes across to others. A totally interactive and hands-on session of dining protocol forms an interesting segment of the sessions along with the rest of the content, which is totally focused on giving practical steps one can follow to become the Smart Professional one aspires to be.

The day’s programme consists of segments such as: What makes a professional ? First impressions count; How to switch on confidence, energy and enthusiasm within a few seconds; Cocktail protocol, Wining and Dining – sit down banquet style and buffet, Communicate with maximum impact – verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal so that people listen and are convinced; and, Personal hygiene and grooming.

Sanjeev Jayaratnam is a motivational speaker, lecturer, transformational coach, choral conductor, singer and actor, and has inspired over 10,000 people to unleash their true potential. Kumar de Silva has shared his experience and a wide range of soft skills gained locally and in France with Sri Lankan corporates to help them gain navigate their personal role in a corporate journey to success.

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