• UNP for abolition
  • “SLFP should respect mandate given to President with UNP support” – Kiriella

The United National Party (UNP) last week firmly reminded its coalition Government partner, Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), that the mandate to abolish the Executive Presidency, had been afforded by the electors to the President, supported by the UNP at the past two elections, and that therefore the SLFP should respect such.

Leader of the House, and Minister of Higher Education and Highways, Lakshman Kiriella speaking to the Nation stated that the SLFP had no mandate as they were defeated in both the Presidential and General elections in 2015.
“Abolishing the Executive Presidency was the mandate on which the President was elected,” Kiriella stressed.

“They (SLFP) have no mandate. The mandate was for President Sirisena with the UNP support. Therefore, the SLFP should respect the mandate,” he said.
In the wake of the SLFP announcing its support for the full implantation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution as a solution to the contentious issue of the devolution of power, the UNP whilst declining to comment on whether they would go beyond the 13th Amendment, said that they were however in the process of “strengthening” the said Amendment.
“We want to strengthen the 13th Amendment and would back any moves to strengthen it,” he said.