Metro – 2

This was a secret metro lane parallel to the public metro, which was 50-200 meters deep metro service in the undergrounds of Moscow, Russia. The purpose was to avoid a nuclear catastrophe.

North Sentinel Island

This being one of the islands of Andaman is located the Bay of Bengal and is surrounded by coral reefs from everywhere. This makes the North Sentinel Island, a very hard place to visit. This island is also occupied by the Sentinelese tribe, who are extremely protective of their isolation and apparently one of the last groups to resist contact with the modern world. They also happen to be headhunters.

Ise Grand Shrine

This Japanese shrine happens to be one of the oldest shrines in the world and it comprises of over 100 shrines. Prohibited to common folk, only members of the imperial Japanese family or people related priests or priestess can visit this place.

Lascaux Cave

This 20,000 years-old cave is located in southern France and has been banned for the public since 1963. Apparently, when the cave was opened for tourists in 1948, the exhaled CO2 by humans was hampering the paintings in the cave leading the authorities to prohibit entry of humans into the cave in 1963. It has been declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO.

Ilha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island

Known for its poisonous snake population, this island is located off the coast of Sao Paula, Brazil. Only a few scientists are allowed in this death island after obtaining various permissions.

Easter Island, Chile

Goes also by the name of Rapa Nui, this island is located in the Pacific Ocean, this happens to be one of the remote places on earth. This island comprises only of the local habitats.

East Rennell, Solomon Islands

Labeled by the UNESCO as a world heritage site, this beautiful island is inhabited by tribes and locals of this magnificent ground and they also happen to be headhunters.

Proveglia, Italy

Poveglia has been a refuge, a stronghold, a place of exile, and a dumping ground for the diseased and deceased for centuries.

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