Aries (Mesha): You have to cultivate mindfulness – better practice meditation – for you are likely to lose your poise and become restless. Sun now in your 6th House holds out bright career prospects and an increase in your earnings. Jupiter in your 7th House assures a marked improvement in your health, financial position and in relations with friends and relatives.  Matrimonial prospects will brighten for young maidens and bachelors. Venus – Mercury – Mars combination greatly strengthens your 5th House assuring you of happiness from children and success in the fields of academics and sports.

Taurus (Vrushabha): Rahu in the 3rd House makes you bold and buoyant and assures cordial relations with brothers. Sun in your 5th House could cause monetary problems. Time will not be opportune for speculation-related business activity. Jupiter in Libra in your 6th House is a warning for you to watch your health with greater interest and take precautionary measures against unnecessary expenses. Avoid getting involved in affairs leading to incurring heavy expenses.

Gemini (Mithuna): Circumstances that could cause disharmony and unhappiness in the family are possible. Sun in your 4th House indicates the possibility of stomach- related problemsand mental unrest. Jupiter transitingin your 5th House holds out the fulfillment of most of your aspirations and the successful completion of your plans and programs. Those single may find a suitable match for them. Meanwhile, Venus due to join the Mars – Mercury -Venus combination in your 3rd House augments the benefits such as a rise in earnings, higher status and promotion to a higher rank in the profession.

Cancer (Kataka): You have to protect yourself from attempts to taint your reputation.  Sound health, increased income and job satisfaction are indicated by the Sun powerful in your 3rd House. However, Jupiterfresh in your 4th House is a warning of a financially trying time and possible involvement in litigation arising from property-related issues in the long run. Venus– Mercury – Mars combination in your 2nd House can bring you increased earnings and living comforts.

Leo (Simha): Venus in the Lagna with Mars and Mercury gives you a cheerful disposition and a positive outlook. You are reminded that Saturn in the 4th House – referred to as Ardhastama Shani – could causefinancialinstability, mental unrest and even accidents.   Jupiter in the 3rd House is a signal for you to be on the lookout for possible obstacles in the way of your business or other income-generating activity so that you could take timely action to overcome them.

Virgo (Kanya): The Sun in your Lagna now may imbue you with courage, drive and energy, but your gains will not be commensurate with the effort you put in.  However, Jupiter in your 2nd House holds out in the long run, a happy and prosperous time ahead.Rahu nowin your 11th House assures you of a time of general prosperity and a rise in your earnings in addition to a good time socially. Saturn in the 3rd House in a retrograde movement assures general success in all areas in life.
Libra (Thula): A favourable time is on for natives engaged in politics if their current Dasas are also favourable. Jupiter now in your Lagna favoursactivity aimed at spiritual advancement rather than those aimed at material gains. Powerful Venus -Mercury – Mars combination in your 11th House assures increased earningsand business success, a good time socially and patronage from VIPs. Rahu in your 10th House brings you fame, career success, higher status and even gainful foreign travel.

Scorpio (Vrushika): You have to be mindful of your health and safety as Saturn is back in your Lagna. A possible increase in income, career success and the patronage of high-ups are held out by the Sun in your 11th House. It is high time for you to bring out your inner strengths to cope with possible financial troubles and mental worries likely to result in the long run from the adverse influence of Jupiter now in your 12th House. Venus -Mars – Mercury combination in your 10th holds out in the short run high status and even possible gainful foreign travel.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): You are advised to exercise alertness, foresight and restraint in all your workaday affairs as you are under the malefic influence of Saturn and Rahu. Sun now in your 10th House is a redeeming a feature in the short run as your career is likely to bring you more gains and greater satisfaction.  Meanwhile, Lagnadhipati Jupiter in the 11th House makes you financially sound.  Powerful Mars – Mercury – Venus combination in your 11th House indicates possible enhanced gains from business and even a good time socially.

Capricorn (Makara): Venus – Mercury combination in the 8th House counters the malefic nature of Mars now in the same House and holds out physical comforts, good health, matrimonial prospects and the acquisition of housing property if complementary factors are in place. Meanwhile, Jupiternowin your 10th House raises the prospect of a trial time ahead and you are advised to develop moral strength, foresight, patience and resilience to face challenges ahead.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Sun in the 8th House indicates heavy expenses and illness.However, In the long run, Jupiter’s entry into your 9th Households out a very favourable time for you. Jupiter’s transit also holds out a period of great success and achievements for writers, journalists and academics in general. There is also the possibility of gainful foreign travel. Mars – Mercury – Venus combination in the 7th House may cause unhappiness in the family and even some untoward incident affecting thespouse.

Pisces (Meena): Sun’s direct aspect on the Lagna makes you energetic and dynamic but unfavourable for the spouse and married life. Lagnadhipati Jupiter in your 8thHouse raises the prospect of a difficult time ahead. You might have to lead an austere life bereft of the comforts and luxuries you are used to.  You have to take particular care to avoid getting involved in lawsuits and litigation.  Mars-Venus-Mercury combination now in your 6th House brings you honour and respect, financial gains and brightens your career prospects.