With the view of enhancing the participation of females in politics, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) is currently engaged in conducting educational awareness campaigns for Muslim women, men and the clergy for the purpose of getting more females to contribute nationally.

The SLMC is currently reorganizing the Party at the grass root level and the youth arm of the Congress and the ladies congress of the Congress are to be pivotal in this regard for them.

Citing examples from Turkey, Iraq and Malaysia where Muslim women were extremely active in politics and were contributing a lot, both to the community and to the country, Secretary of the SLMC, President’s Counsel Nizam Kariyapper said that they too were concentrating on involving and getting local women active in politics at the grass root level.

Females can engage in politics without compromising their religious values and social obligations, he noted.

“There are Muslim women who are professionally engineers and doctors amongst others. There are daughters and wives. There are men who have no problem in their women folk getting involved in politics as at the end of the day, the community and country stands to benefit and gain. The involvement of youth and women must however be effective and meaningful. This barrier to the participation of women must be broken to begin with at the Local Government elections,” he added.