Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake

Q: There is an allegation that the government is driving the war heroes to the chopping block. Is it true?

That is an utter lie. The government’s bounden duty is to safeguard them and we don’t shirk that responsibility. See who did justice to the war-winning Army Commander. He was imprisoned on false charges. They who now shedding crocodile tears over the war heroes. If the previous government were to be in power today the war heroes would have faced international prosecution. But thanks to the present government’s efforts they are free of such prosecutions.

Q: There are rumors that infighting is going on in the government. Will it last till 2020?

We formed a coalition with both major parties to solve the major problems in the country throwing overboard the divisive politics. We have solved major burning problems in the countryby now. Both the President and the Prime Minister steer the country forward with a great vision.Only the bankrupt politicians sling mud at the government and try to create rifts in the government. No doubt our government will last till 2020
Q: UNPers accuse that they could not achieve their hopes. Your comment?

It is true. We are still striving to realize our party loyalists’ aspirations. We feel sad when activities of the people who worked againstMaithripalaSirisena at the last Presidential election now holding influential ministerial portfolios. But we feel contended when we look at our plans to settle all the foreign debts without being a burden to the next generation. We have made the blue print to create job opportunities to the unemployed youths. Results of our efforts will come to fruition by2020 -2025.

Q: Will the forthcoming UNP party convention be crucial?

Our ever loyal UNPers toiled hard to bring back the party to power. Still they bear with us and it is our duty to fullfil their aspirations.

Q: What is your new assignment in the Temple Trees allocated with all privileges?

That is a responsibility passed on to me by the party. I perform it to the best of my ability. Those who envious about me make many false accusations.