The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has indicated a possibility of an islandwide campaign to garner wider consensus among the public for the new Constitution, once an agreement is reached on the final document among members of the steering committee.
“Yes. We would go for a broader campaign among the people, including those in the South to garner their consensus on the new Constitution,” TNA MP, M.A. Sumanthiran PC told the Nation last week.

He however pointed out that it was first necessary for the members of the steering committee to come to an understanding on the final document before going out to the people.

“We should have something to go and speak to the people on,” Sumanthiran added.
Earlier, Minister of National Co-Existence, Dialogue and Official Languages, Mano Ganesan had reportedly said that the interim report of the Steering Committee would be presented to Parliament next Thursday (21).

Sumanthiran further said that even though the TNA had met with several stakeholders within the committee and at Parliamentary level, several of them were yet to come to an understanding over certain aspects included in the draft of the new Constitution.
“We conducted several meetings with various political parties earlier. We were able to reach a consensus on several occasions. However, their stance changes when they go back to their people. However, the steering committee will continue to meet even after the interim report is presented during which we will continue to discuss and arrive at a common understanding,” he added.