Victims of bogus employment related defrauding residing in the Northern Province will be filing a petition including against a prominent politician of the area with the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) within two weeks.
The Association for Friendship and Love (AFRIEL), a Vavuniya based youth organization with a network of volunteers, explained that seven to eight victims who had been promised employment opportunities and had been subsequently defrauded of their monies and not provided with jobs, would be lodging the complaint.

Member of the Executive Committee of the AFRIEL, Ravindra De Silva said that they possessed knowledge of the perpetrators and evidence such as in the form of deposit slips.

“There is a politician involved and five to six others affiliated to the said politician including several Government officers,” he explained.

Previously, the Nation, through information provided by De Silva revealed that the AFRIEL had during the months of July, August and September received several complaints from the said Province, specifically from the Kilinochchi and the Mullaitivu Districts, pertaining to monies being fraudulently charged by affiliates of corrupt politicians.