1. Origin of man

Buddhism talks of twenty realms for beings of light called Brahma worlds. One is called the ‘Abhassara Brahma world’. It is taught in the Agganna Sutta that beings of that world came down to earth and created themselves to be human. The leader of brahma’s are called Maha Brahma. In Hinduism too it is said that the Maha Brahaman had created the first man called Aadmi. Even the holy Bible of Christianity and the holy Quoran of Islam speaks of God creating Adam. In this creation of man Buddhsim and Hinduism links Lord Brahma to the creation and hence are related in concepts.

2. Circle of Samsara

According to Buddhsim a man of merit will find his way to heaven or again be born on earth. Sometimes its first a trip to hell to be punished for sins and then up again to relive the merit in the heavens or back to earth. This is continuous. In Hinduism it is said that mankind is reborn over and over again. There have been references of being punished by Yama of hell and also being born in heaven.

3. Moksha or Enlightenment

Both Hinduism and Buddhism speaks of an eternal freedom from the Samsaric cycle of birth and death. It is said to be achieved when attachment to one’s own self or ego is relinquished. Both religions use the word Thanha for attachment and Moksha for enlightenment.

4. Teacher or messenger

According to Buddhism ‘Bodhisatva’ comes down from a heaven called Thauthisa when the time is right to reach enlightenment on his own and teach others as the Buddha. Hinduism also reveals the coming of an Avatar or incarnation of Krishna to shepherd the herds to Moksha and ultimate liberation.