Brad’s StatusComing soon (1)

Running time: 1h. 41min.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy
Director: Mike White
Starring: Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Michael Sheen, Luke Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Jemaine Clement
Brad Sloan has a satisfying career and a comfortable life in suburban California, but it’s not quite what he imagined during his glory days in college. Sloan keeps comparing his life with those of his four college friends, wondering what it would be like to have their well-paying and glamorous jobs. When circumstances force Brad to reconnect with his buddies, he soon begins to question whether he has failed, or is in some ways the most successful of them all.

Rebel in the RyeComing soon (5)

Running time: 1h. 46min.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Biography, Drama
Director: Danny Strong
Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Spacey, Sarah Paulson, Zoey Deutch, Victor Garber, Hope Davis
This biopic of author JD Salinger details his relationship with socialite Oona O’Neill, his experiences in the World War II, and the writing process of The Catcher in the Rye. When Japan bombs Pearl Harbor Jerry joins the army. Just before his deployment, Oona leaves him for Charlie Chaplin, 36 years her senior. Salinger’s war experience sends him into mental breakdown, but writing keeps him going. After his return, Salinger finds the clarity to publish the book with the help of a Buddhist teacher.

All I See Is YouComing soon (4)

Running time: 1h. 50min.
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Marc Forster
Starring: Blake Lively, Jason Clarke, Yvonne Strahovski, Danny Huston, Ahna O’Reilly
Gina is a beautiful young woman who’s still haunted by the accident that took her sight years earlier. Living in Bangkok with her husband, James, she undergoes a cutting-edge operation that restores the vision to her right eye. Now that Gina can see again, she slowly starts to realize that her newfound independence makes James feel jealous, threatened and insecure.

Because Of GráciaComing soon (3)

Running time: 1h. 47min.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Tom Simes
Starring: John Schneider, Ben Davies, Chris Massoglia, Moriah Peters, Masey McLain, Matthew Shuler
Chase Morgan would love to live up to his own name and pursue something great. It’s his senior year, and he’s still as insecure as ever, but Eastglenn High’s newest student is about to turn that around. Grácia is a girl with charisma, intelligence and conviction, but she’s not as put together as Chase and his best friend O.B. might think. A dark past gives her a unique connection with Bobbi, a misunderstood classmate who has a pushy boyfriend and disconnected father.

RememoryComing soon (2)

Running time: 1h. 51min.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Director: Mark Palansky
Starring: Peter Dinklage, Julia Ormond, Martin Donovan, Anton Yelchin, Henry Ian Cusick
Rememory explores the unexplained death of Gordon Dunn, a visionary scientific pioneer whose body is found shortly after the unveiling of his newest work; a device able to extract, record and play a person’s memories. Gordon’s wife, Carolyn, retreats into her house and cuts off contact with the outside world when a mysterious man shows up. After stealing the machine, he uses it to try and solve the mystery, beginning an investigation of memories that lead him to unexpected and dangerous places.