The bus lanes are already in effect, and the traffic seems to flow fairly smoothly in the peak hours of the morning.

This move has resulted in the roads being less congested with traffic, despite the initial chaos soon after it was implemented.

Even the garbage issue is being addressed with more people adapting to the system of segregating their waste, and using bio degradable bags instead of polythene.
Public transportation and garbage were key issues that plagued the country not so long ago, although one might say that the traffic situation has been around for quite a long time now.

However, the good thing is that some sort of drastic steps were taken by the government and the authorities to address both issues, even though most of the people were apprehensive and skeptical about it.

Aversion towards change is not unusual. Not everyone likes change. The above examples are proof that people, at least most of them, like the things to remain as they are.
But it does not work that way.

The first few steps towards any change are always hard. Convincing the people to adapt to change is even harder.

It was evident when the tonnes of garbage were left uncollected in the streets a few weeks ago when people did not segregate their waste, and when many vehicles were confused in the middle of the road when the bus lanes came into effect a few days ago.
People mostly love to be within their comfort range and rarely would do something different. Change always brings something new with it. It brings in a lot of uncertainty as well.

But there are those who never say no without trying first. There are those who understand the need for the change and look at the long term benefits of the changes made.

Everyone has the ability to make a change in their own way for the betterment of the society. But, only few make the changes while many have to live the changes willingly, or unwillingly.

As time goes on, people get accustomed to the changes. The cycle continues.
But, in today’s world, change is not only a reality, but also a necessity.