With the view of fostering the winning spirit of the country’s children via active engagement with and participation in sports and with the lofty ideal of furthering the worthy cause of ensuring the welfare of war heroes, Sri Lanka’s premier leader in the manufacturing of fast-moving consumer goods, the internationally renowned Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) through Ritzbury Champ, the confectionaire par excellence, being the local market leader in chocolates, has magnanimously stepped into mark a historic occasion, this year’s Walawa Supercross, by sponsoring the kids segment in the event, thereby becoming the first sponsor ever of this unique initiative and the first combined effort in partnership with the Sri Lanka Army.

CBL which has a proud heritage of 49 years and is the current largest local FMCG manufacturer is a conglomerate of companies which are all the respective market leaders operating in different fields and sectors operating within a diverse range of categories and catering to a variety of tastes. CBL heads the local market with biscuits marketed under the brand name Munchee, chocolates under the brand name Ritzbury, soy under the brand name Lankasoy and cereal under the brand name Samaposha.

Ritzbury Champ is a chocolate bar and slab popular among children, especially teenagers, ideal for kids bustling with youthful energy and vigour. Since its inception several years ago, the Walawa Supercross event which takes place annually amidst much fanfare thanks to the involvement of the most talented speedsters though widely seen as hosting motorcycle and car racing competitions for grown ups has however had an event which seeks to encourage the participation of children. This special segment has however languished since the beginning because of being sidelined owing to the lack of sponsors. It is to fill this void in promoting this admirable endeavour, the children’s segment of the seventh Walawa Supercross that Ritzbury Champ has bravely ventured into.

The Walawa Supercross – 2017 will be held on September 17 at the magnificent track located in the Sevanagala area near the Udawalawe National Park, Embilipitiya. Renovations made to the ‘Craftsman Autodrome’ gravel track and the surrounding facilities have resulted in better racing and safe viewing, in the case of the latter, over 50,000 spectators who are expected to throng the aisles of the circuit track route. The games will also be televised live. The kid segment of the Group “M” Street Trail includes racing motorcycles with a cylinder capacity (cc measured in cubic centimetres) of 50 for those over five years and below 10 years of age, racing motorcycles (65cc to 85cc and 100cc to 150cc) for those under 13, and the same for those under 16.

This motor racing event was initiated by the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army in 2011 for the welfare of the families of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives and the soldiers of the Regiment who lost their limbs during action, and to raise funds for the Regiment’s welfare work.

Assistant Brand Manager of CBL Foods International, Saumya Fernando explained that the brand values of Ritzbury Champ were associated with and towards sports and the promotion of sports in parallel with the related concept of winning through sports among children. CBL firmly espouses the belief that children who dedicate themselves with due diligence to their studies when exposed to and involved in extracurricular activities such as sports, are capable of holistically transcending themselves and in turn becoming mature adults when they enter the larger society, able to contribute to their communities and the nation, in an optimal manner.

“We are sponsoring this event and making our presence felt in order to encourage children to take part in sports. Ritzbury Champ embodies a system of values where studies are combined with participation in sports and gaining personal and collective milestones in terms of winning. Ritzbury Champ ideally stands for the inner champion in every child, allowing the victor to acclimatize themselves with the winning spirit and make winning a habit,” Fernando reiterated.