Before even the lapse of two months since the last threat made to the key eyewitness to the State sponsored

Welikada Prison riots of 2012, which claimed the lives of 27 prisoners, the said eyewitness Sudesh Nandimal’s house was shot at this week.

The incident occurred at 11 p.m. on the night of September 4, when Nandimal was staying  overnight at his elder sister’s place down Puranappu Raja Mawatha in Moratuwa. The exterior of the house and the gate had been shot at while Nandimal was sleeping inside. The scene of the crime is presently being guarded by the Police.
Previously, Nandimal who was an inmate in Welikada at the time of the killings as a political prisoner, represented by his counsel Attorney-at-Law Senaka Perera filed a petition in the Court of Appeal requesting that the Court order a writ of mandamus compelling an investigation into the murders.

Subsequently, on July 11 both Nandimal and Perera received a phone call each from an identical mobile phone number, with the anonymous caller threatening the duo, demanding that they refrain from getting involved any further regarding the matter and in the case of Nandimal, he had been told not to give evidence in this regard and testify.
“More than an attempt to kill Nandimal, this attack was to intimidate, to send a message to us that they have the goods and this is how they would act. This is what those responsible for the deaths want. We call for the suppression to be stopped,” he said.
“Ever since the said writ which has since brought the riots to the fore was filed, Nandimal has been continuously threatened. The case is such that the Government cannot wait without filing a lawsuit. Even if a case comes before court, if there are no witnesses how is this crime to be proven. The guilty are trying to get rid of the witnesses,” he added.