Good trait: Optimistic nature.
They can be unbelievably optimistic sometimes, everything in their life would be jumping off its place and you will see them sitting in a corner enjoying a cup of coffee, sure as heaven about their plans to make everything right. That makes them an ultimate source of inspiration.
Bad trait: Short temper.
They tend to dismiss negative vibes as much as they can but when the limit is crossed, they might show you the most violent outburst ever. They are usually positive people but what’s wrong cannot be treated lightly by them.

Good trait: Loyalty.
They might even be the most loyal people you will ever come across as they never leave the side of someone they once promised their company to.
Bad trait: Self-indulgence
They are fond of spending me-time and not just a considerable amount of it but a hell lot of me-time is the food for their soul. They do like to socialize but never at the cost of their personal appointments so you should keep it in mind to never disturb a Taurus when they are indulged in themselves.

Good trait: Partying
Anywhere, anytime, call a Gemini to come out and party and you won’t hear a ‘no’ from them without a legitimate reason. They are energetic and enthusiastic and that makes them the life of all parties. They are always up for everything adventurous in life; staying put is not one of their habits.
Bad trait: Gossiping
On a bad day when they are not so energetic, they might be producing rumors and talking absolute garbage about people they don’t like; this makes them two-faced too. That is a very bad trait but kind-hearted Gemini people can make an effort to control it.

Good trait: Extreme caring
They are caring to the extent that you might feel a touch of motherly love in their care. You have never felt what actual protection feels like unless you have been cared for by a Cancer. Their hearts are soft and sensitive and their arms ever ready to be closed around you in bad times and in good.
Bad trait: Emotionalism
There’s nothing wrong with being emotional but it gets annoying when the feelings get out of hand. They are extremely sensitive creatures and can make a person really uncomfortable when they are sad. Their sad is miserable and their happy the most cheerful laugh!

Good trait: Charisma
They are very friendly and almost always up for a conversation with anybody. That might make them look vulnerable but they know very well when to stop sharing secrets. Besides being amiable, Leo people are sensible enough to know which person is suitable enough to talk about certain topics.
Bad trait: Impulsiveness
As much as they are fun to be around, they can be equally dangerous as they have a hard time controlling their impulsive nature. Once their brain has sent signals to their body parts, they cannot be told to shut off by anybody. Such nature of Leo people can get them in bad, bad trouble at times.

Good trait: Talent
Give them mathematics, art, medicine or music, they will present you an unmatched piece of work. Virgos often don’t realize their genius is rare, once they do, they can ace in almost everything in life given the right amount of attention and efforts put into the work.
Bad trait: Judgmental
They judge everything and weigh the good and bad things more than necessary, it makes them extremely judgmental. Especially with their own selves, Virgos are highly critical, almost never satisfied by the way they are. It is not too annoying a habit but it can keep them from making good friends.

Good trait: Just and equal
It does not mean that they are a member of jury in all states but it means that whenever it comes to choosing between or among things, they try their best to keep everyone happy. This habit of theirs makes them lovable as they make sure nobody is left heartbroken in any matter under consideration.
Bad trait: Indecisive
They take so long in weighing the good and bad things that it becomes impossible for them to reach a final decision. They take too long to decide a verdict and that makes them indecisive, which stops them from forming their own opinions sometimes without going through others’.

Good trait: Passionate
They are passionate about everything in life, be it their job or their bedroom tasks. Scorpios are known to be energetic people, who never run out of determination and resolution to finish something they started. This quality in them is highly appreciated by some stars who share the same love for passion.
Bad trait: Mood swings
One minute you will see them cheering up for a friend and the next you will find them yelling at someone in the backseat, such are their mood swings. This trait does not completely put off Scorpios’ passionate nature as it can be easily handled with care and enough attention by someone beloved.

Good trait: Independent
They naturally like to be by themselves. Even in a relationship, a Sagittarius would never be clingy; they have a decent independent nature that keeps them from being too close or annoying. They are fond of love but they don’t like to hold on to it very tightly.
Bad trait: Lack of appreciation for love
They are not very good at expressing their emotions by words or sometimes even by action. They have a mild nature which keeps them from indulging in emotional experiences although they badly want to. They inability to express can be problematic in a relationship.

Good trait: Ambitious
They are hard-workers who do not pay any heed to people hating on them or trying to be in their way. They skip all the obstacles and jump on high flights without a fear to fail. Their resourcefulness is unmatched and their determination unbroken. They usually tend to be very successful people.
Bad trait: Cold and unemotional
They might not be so in reality but they sure do make it look like that. They can look very, very cold when they are not interested in a friendly conversation and make you feel like you made a mistake trying to talk to them. Anyway, Capricorns can be really sweet too when taken interest in properly.

Good trait: Humanitarian
They are all for helping the underprivileged and providing to the needy. Aquarius people have a natural love for nature so they contribute to it as much as they can. Not just charity, they like to be there for people emotionally and spiritually too. This helpful nature makes them easy to talk to.
Bad trait: Stubbornness
Being picky when it comes to choose friends makes them look distant and can sway away good company. They wish for the best social circle and that is why they are picky about friends, but this habit of theirs comes more as a problem in building a circle than a helpful tactic.

Good trait: Imagination and artistic skills
Give them a pen and enough time to practice, they will come up with a marvelous piece that will make you think twice about its meaning. They are literally said to receive strokes of genius from time to time. They cannot stop themselves from buying expensive paintings or anything that’s a result of a mind like theirs.
Bad trait: Take things too personal
They cannot deal with a problem light-headedly and feel it necessary to make fuss about it. It is their own way of solving problems.

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