Aries (Mesha): An easing of career problems, a peaceful mind and a reunion with the family are on the cards with your 4th House turning strong with the entry of Venus.  Time is not opportune for buying or selling lands and other property.  Sun gaining Swakshetra in your 5th House indicates happiness from children and success in the fields of academics and sports.  However, Mars and Mercury conjoining the Sun is a warning for you to abstain from speculation-related activity like trading on the stock market.  Natives are reminded that they are prone to disease due to the adverse influence of Jupiter in transit in the 6th House.

Taurus (Vrushabha): You are advised to pay greater attention to the health and safety of your mother and avoid transactions related to lands and other property given the adverse influence of Mars and Mercury now in the 4th House. Venus conjunct with Rahu in your 3rdHouse indicates gainful short journeys and a sound financial position in addition to   power and influence and a rise in your career. This position makes you bold and proactive too.  Jupiter continuing transit in the5thHouse raises the prospect of a perfect match for natives who are single.

Gemini (Mithuna): Sun  further strengthened by Mars and Mercury in your 3rd House assures a rise in earnings, higher status and promotion to a higher rank in the profession. Venus now transiting your 2nd House with Rahu ends a bad time caused by Rahu -Mars combinationand holds out, instead, an increase in income, marital happiness and peace and harmony in the family.  Avoid property-related transactions and getting involved in litigation as such activity is unfavourable due to Jupiter in the 4th House.
You are also warned to be extra careful when driving vehicles too.

Cancer (Kataka): Venus now in your Lagna holds out marital happiness, peace and harmony in the family and a cheerful disposition.Rahu in your 1st House might lead you to takehasty decisions and hasty actions which you may have to regret later. Sun – Mercury combination in the 2nd House can bring you increased earnings and family happiness, but Mars who has just entered the 2ndHouse might cause eye trouble and sour your relations with family members.

Leo (Simha): Mars joining the Sun – Mercury combination in the Lagna further strengthens the latter’s ability to bring you recognition for literary or scientific and mathematical skills while fortifying you with moral strength, self-confidence, drive and dynamism. Meanwhile, your 12th House has become favourable with the exit of Mars and the entry of Venus to conjoin Rahu. Rahu can give gainful foreign travel. Saturn in the 4th House can cause financial instability, problems in the family and ill-health.

Virgo (Kanya): Mars and Mercury now in the 12th House could cause a lot of expenditure, health problems and even dishonor and humiliation. Venus- Rahu combination now in your 11thHouse assures you of a time of general prosperity and a rise in your earnings in addition to a good time socially.  Meanwhile, Swakshetra Sun in your 12thHouse imbuesyou with acumen, a positive outlook, a righteous bent and keep you away from all vices. Saturn in the 3rd House in a retrograde movement assures success in all areas in life.

Libra (Thula): Powerful Sun -Mercury – Mars combination in your 11th House assures increased earnings, business success, a good time socially and patronage from VIPs. Venus – Rahu combination in your 10th House brings you fame, career success, higher status and even gainful foreign travel.  However, you have to be on your alert to possible attempts to taint your reputation. Retrograde Saturn in your 2nd House as the lord of 4th and 5th Houses assures success and achievements.

Scorpio (Vrushika): Sun -Mars – Mercury combination in your 10th house holds out a very favourable time ahead. You are assured of career success, high status and even possible gainful foreign travel. Venus – Rahu combine in your 9th House assures financial gains, good health, living comforts and a time of prosperity for businessmen in particular. You are reminded that you are back under the Lagna Shani Erashtaka – a time of trial for you.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): You are relieved of the ill-effects Rahu -Mars combination in your 8th House with the exit of Mars and the entry of Venus who holds out physical comforts, acquisition of a housing property and general prosperity in addition to brightmatrimonial prospects and increased earnings from business.Sun in your 9th House can bring success and prosperity and good luck to your parents, but Mars and Mercury in this House could cause anxiety, tension and physical weakness.

Capricorn (Makara): Mars who has just entered the 8th House could cause accident-related injuries, particularly those leading to profuse bleeding.   Swakshetra Sun and Mercury in this House can bring you gains from partnerships and physical wellbeing.  Rahu – Venus combination now in your 7thHouse could cause disharmony in the family and adversely affect your married life. Even Ill-effects such as eye troubles, stomachacheand indigestion are possible.  Saturn’s return to your 11th House may bring you an increased income and even a position of authority.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Mars and Mercury in the 7th House are liable to cause unhappiness in the family and even some misfortune to spouse. Rahu – Venus combinationin your 6th House can bring you power and influence, robust health, a whip hand over enemies and rivals and a general feeling of physical and mental wellbeing. Swakshetra Sun in the 7th House commanding a direct aspect over your Lagna can imbue you with drive, dynamism and a positive outlook.

Pisces (Meena): You are relieved of the ill-effects of Rahu – Mars combination with the exit of Mars for the 6th House. Now Mars conjunct with a powerful Sun and Mercury   in your 6th House can bring you power, influence, robust health and a leadership position. This is a position that can confer high political office if the native is in the right circumstances. Venus now in the 5th House assures happiness in the family. Jupiter continuing transit in the 7th House raises matrimonial prospects for the young maidens and bachelors.