President Maithripala Sirisena opened the first super luxury hotel with residential units in Nuwara Eliya last Saturday on (26th) which is the only star-class luxury hotel built outside Colombo.

This type of hotel projects is the latest concept in hotel industry with residential units attached which tends to boost the local tourist industry.

The local and foreign tourists visiting Nuwara Eliya with families can enjoy all the amenities in this hotel complex. The hotel has sixty-four luxury residential units with servant quarters.

The hotel is branded as the Araliya Green City Nuwara Eliya. It consists of 192 rooms in toto including 40 deluxe rooms and 33 normal rooms and a gym and all other amenities.
This hotel further enhances beauty to the landscape of the Nuwara Eliya town. The Araliya Green City Hotel overlooks the Victoria Park and borders the Golf Course and the Buddhist temple in the Nuwara Eliya town.

The hotel has many facilities including conference halls which other super class hotels lack. The serene environs in the hotel are a real boon to the visitors.

The hotel is a big boost to the tourist industry. It provides direct employment to 350 and 500 indirect employment to local youths. The hotel complex spreads over two and half acres and rises to seven storeys and includes a super marketing complex.

This hotel property is owned by Dudley Sirisena, the owner of the Polonnaruwa Sudu Araliya Hotel. “There are two ways to earn foreign exchange to this country. One is inland tourism and the other is beach tourism. Those resources are not exploited to the full potential. Many invested in hotel industry in the Eastern coast. But none has taken any interest outside it. I turned to the tourism industry with a view to develop it. I am the trailblazer to invest in a super luxury hotel in the central hills. But of the late, many have started to build tourist hotels in the central hill. It is a welcome trend.

“We earned our foreign exchange from our traditional export crops such as tea, rubber and coconut. But now market for them is bleak due to declining oil prices.

“I decided to contribute my best effort to develop the tourism industry to match with the new trends,” Dudley Sirisena thus explained his vision.

The exclusive feature in his hotel is the warm water swimming pool. It is definitely a novel experience to foreign tourists visiting Sri Lanka. All the wood used in the hotel exclusively from the local timber market and the ground floor is designed giving prominence to local woodwork. The hotel has facilities to hold weddings or any other type of functions.
This new luxury hotel is, no doubt, a jewel in the crown of Nuwara Eliya tourist hotspot. This super luxury hotel in the cool clime definitely will bring prosperity to this misty city and it will trickle down to low income strata of the local community.

(Translated by Ananda Elkaduwa)

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  • Sinhala_Man

    Fine, by itself. I personally respect President Maithirpala Sirisena for his clean, austere lifestyle. As far as I’m concerned, that extends to his nuclear family, too. The stories about his children don’t amount to much, and I think that there is every indication that he personally admonishes and disciplines his son, Daham, for his peccadilloes.

    The appointment of his brother, Kumarasinghe, as Telecom Chief, and some of the things said about Dudley’s business activities, are, however, a different matter. It is said that Dudley controls the rice market, and that the level of water in the millennium old Parakrama Samudra is so adjusted that his hotel is unaffected.

    While there may be explanations for all of this, the fact remains that these activities are at variance with the image projected by the President. And for me, that is not just an image. I consider him a man whose personal life is controlled by firm adherence to traditional values, and who is committed to bringing about ethnic harmony and ensuring long-term adherence to democracy in this country.

    These “fraternal activities” are worrying, as well as the fear that sycophants may persuade him to ruin again for office in 2020. Let’s suppose it is true that he alone can defeat the Rajapaksa candidate (I don’t think that is the case), his victory will see him going down in history NOT as a principled man who saved the country, but as yet another dirty politician.

    What is at stake for the country as a whole is huge!