Give grass its pink slip: If your space is really limited then it is time to get rid of the grass, or limit it greatly.

Good soil: The foundation of any vegetable garden is the soil. Compost is the best, most natural way to build healthy soil full of nutrients. But if you don’t have the space for your own compost bin you can improve your soil without compost. There are also great bagged composts.

Fertilize regularly: When you’re growing a lot of vegetable or fruits in a small area, you need to offer support. Regularly fertilizing will keep your soil fertile and your plants strong; not to mention more pest resistant. Commercial organic fertilizers are good but you can use droppings, dung and compost tea.

Use containers: One of the easiest ways to increase your growing space is to use containers. You can put them in the front yard, back porch or side yard. You’ll be surprised that many vegetables and herbs do very well in pots and can be just as decorative as landscaping plants.

Companion planting or crop rotation: Companion planting gives your fruits and vegetables the best chance of survival, best flavor and growth rates. Certain plants grown together can either strengthen or weaken each other. Crop rotation helps
your garden by

making sure you plant according to the nutrients the last vegetables used and replenished in the soil.

Go up (trellis, vertical, hanging pots): Another awesome way to maximize your vegetable garden space is to go up!

Trellis – look for climbing fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, melons.
Vertical – You can grow vertically without a trellis by using pallets against walls, stacked beds and more.

Hanging pots – If you have a covered porch you may want to try some hanging pots. Herbs do particularly well in these.

Use dwarf varieties: Fruit trees can take up a lot of space. One way to have a small orchard in your space is to use dwarf varieties.

Bring your garden inside: When all else fails you can maximize your vegetable garden space by bringing it indoors. Many veggies and herbs will grow well if they are near a sunny window or sliding glass door. This will help when it is too cold to grow outdoors too.

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