The Government will be expanding the priority lane from buses to also include school vans and three-wheelers within the course of this month.

The National Council for Road Safety (NCRS) informed that the gazette pertaining to making it compulsory for all three-wheelers to have a meter would be brought by the end of the month. The Sri Lanka Standards Institution has handed over the report in this regard to the NCRS which has in turn handed it over to the Minister of Transport.

The priority lanes will soon be operative from Rajagiriya to Cotta Road to Borella, and elsewhere from Bambalapitiya to the Thummulla Junction.

Chairman of the Council, Dr. Sisira Kodagoda said that furthermore the special seal type lock which has been introduced to the three-wheelers would permanently halt the practice of three-wheelers of driving fast and turning abruptly to the left or the right, a practice which has led to numerous accidents.

“The priority lane for buses from Rajagiriya to Cotta Road has been successful. Even the bus drivers agree. They, too, are satisfied. Giving second priority to school vans is fruitful for the school students. The Minister of Transport will do the needful regarding the issuing of the gazettes in relation to the said aforementioned matters,” he added.

The gazette pertaining to the increase of fines in relation to motor traffic related offences, too, will be issued towards the end of the month.