Lionel Galagedara, Deputy General Manager (Retail Banking) of People’s Bank | T.G.S.P. Kumarasiri, Acting Assistant General Manager (Marketing and Research) of People’s Bank

Commemorating International Youth Day, People’s Bank offers an attractive bundle of benefits to the Sri Lankan Youth through the YES Savings account. The bank has taken steps to deliver the latest digital banking experience as well as a number of streamlined banking services.

By becoming a YES Savings account holder, you too can contribute to the People’s Bank’s endeavour in realizing an environmentally sustainable future, with reduced paper usage.
Expressing his views, Lionel Galagedara Deputy General Manager (Retail Banking) of People’s Bank stated,“Since its inception, People’s Bank has introduced accounts evolving with customer requirements catering different customer segments spread across the country.”

“YES savings account, which is exclusively dedicated to the youth of the country, was launched in 2003 on conjunction with the International Youth Day. The YES account has drawn the attention of ambitious youth who aims to realize their life goals and succeed in life,” he added.