Sections of the Tamil Diaspora highlighted about prevalence of continued pro separatist propaganda profilerating among Tamils abroad.

Propaganda being circulated also included the cult of personality of the deceased LTTE leader Velupillai Pirapaharan.

Former LTTE cadre who left the outfit on his own accord, and political activist, Antonythasan Jesuthasan currently domiciled in France told the Nation that sections of the Diaspora continue to hold Nationalist views due to continuous separatist propaganda by political outfits and selected media institutions.

“There are thousands of families who had lost their loved ones to the war, who are domiciled in many countries. It is hard for them to move out of the nationalist thinking because of such propaganda activities,” Jesuthasan told the Nation.

He however pointed out that he was happy with Sri Lanka’s progress and added that such separatist mindsets abroad would not hamper the peace building process in the country.
“I feel that the pace could be expedited. However, Sri Lanka is going on the right path. The separatist politics abroad will not in any way hamper Sri Lanka’s progress,” he added.