Eating the right breakfast for your body can be the difference between having an amazing day and one that’s less than ideal. You read the latest studies, pay attention to what the healthiest people are eating for breakfast, but did you ever consult the stars? Here, Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, authors of Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook, share exactly what will make you start the day on the best note, based on your zodiac sign


Knowing an Aries is like having your own military general on call, always ready, willing, and able to help you plan your campaign. For some morning fuel and fun for an energy-burning fire sign, we recommend make-ahead muffins.


Taureans value a middle-of-the-road approach to life. Not likely to get caught up in the latest trend, they believe in being themselves, and often have a big appetite for all things delicious. The phrase ‘haste makes waste’ expresses Taurus’ viewpoint in a nutshell. The perfect breakfast for a Taurean is a big bowl of classic oatmeal, dependable and delicious.


Geminis want to experience life fully and in as many different ways as they can. They have two opinions about everything, and sometimes they can’t make up their minds so a layered protein bar makes a great morning snack, enabling them to eat on the run. Try doing two different smoothie flavors, layered in a glass, two types of chia pudding.


More than those born under any other sign, Cancerians are driven by feelings and intuition. Even though they are intelligent, practical people, they use their feelings as a sort of radar, and a great many of their decisions are based on this radar. Start your day with something comforting, grounding, and nurturing, playing around with earthy spices or even experimenting with breakfast for dinner.


The task can be big or small, complicated or relatively easy, but no matter what it is, Leo has a plan for how to get it done better, faster, more economically, and even with more style. She believes that her way is the only way and will probably tell you so. Leos do best with a decadent, exciting breakfast, chocolate breakfast brownies will definitely hit the spot.


Virgos are driven by the search for perfection in every way. The importance that Virgos place on perfection leads them to seek out the crème de la crème in all sorts of areas in life. Their craftiness, good taste, and pickiness are legendary. Try making an Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl or avocado toast with beautiful, perfectly arranged slices.


Libras are driven by the desire to bring beauty and harmony to their world and the world at large. They have refined tastes and may actually recoil from things that are ugly, loud, or unpleasant. For many Libras, vulgarity is an affront. They need a satisfying breakfast with harmonious tastes and textures, like grain-free strawberry rhubarb breakfast crumble.


Scorpios are keen students of psychology and always want to know what makes people do the things they do. Scorpios have a reputation for being emotional, mysterious, and secretive. Why not a breakfast cookie for those times when nothing else will do.


Sagittariuses love to study and especially teach. They can expand their understanding of the way the world works through travel, certainly, but also through travel in their mind via philosophy and learning. A Ginger-Turmeric savory rice breakfast bowl can be surprising, satisfying, and fuels up the Sagittarian urge for traveling through their day.


Ask a Capricorn if you want a practical solution to a problem; the people born under this sign pride themselves on their common sense. They may not have a glamorous approach to problems, but they know how to get the job done. Try a green smoothie, a dependable and traditional dish, but add in some fun adaptogens (a broad family of herbs and plant medicines) for that indulgence that Capricorns crave.


The Aquarian mind is highly analytical and skilled at making quick assessments; turning a myriad of information into easy-to-follow directions is never difficult for the people of this sign. Some polenta (a dish of boiled cornmeal) with scrambled eggs and fresh herbs (whatever you have on hand works great) makes a fresh and hearty breakfast, a bit of work to make but creates something different, which Aquarians love.


Pisces help you to understand that it is through compassion, caring and a spirit that is open to receive the love of others where true happiness exists. Pisceans are plugged into the universe in a way that is otherworldly. They need to taste the sweetness of life. Try making baked apples by coring a few whole fruits and pouring a bit of syrup in the whole, then roasting at 375 degrees until soft. Top with crumbled nuts for a wholesome,
satisfying way to start the day.


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