The Government called for a special drive programme to be put in place to provide employment for ex-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam cadres who are still waiting for a job or are unable to initiate self-employment.

Addressing incidents of violence and illegal activities involving the Aava gang and problems faced by Northern youth, Sri Lanka Freedom Party Government MP Angajan Ramanathan said that youth should be provided with opportunities to earn a livelihood and to gain educational qualifications.

Economic development leading to economic prosperity is key in this regard, he noted, adding that factories needed to come into Jaffna and the rest of the North. In terms of economic opportunities, there must be sufficient jobs available, the Party’s Jaffna District Organizer further added. He also pointed out to the high incidence of liquor usage within the Jaffna District and intoxication as a factor adversely affecting the youth.

“In the case of certain youth living amidst the unsettled state of affairs in the North, they have received financing from relatives and friends who are overseas and having come to experience a certain elevation in class that comes as a result of having easy money for spending, they are unable to attain the mindset required to engage in normal labour related work and jobs involved in such,” Ramanathan elaborated.

“The youth might not see the big picture but we must make them,” he further pointed out.
“Youth are out of focus. They do not have hope. They are not properly guided by their parents. They are misled. These violent activities have no particular purpose. They are spoiling their lives. All of this including discipline must begin from home. This is not solely about a Government drive or Governmental programme. It is about the social responsibility of the Government members, politicians and citizens. They must be given the necessary skills for them to take their lives forward. Guidance is of utmost importance. A coordinated effort is what is required,” he explained.