The Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SLCERT) called on the general public to submit complaints relating to information and cyber security for investigations solely to the relevant law enforcement authorities such as the Police and if the complaint involves minors, the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA).

Whilst calling upon members of the general public to pursue such matters through legal channels, Senior Information Security Engineer at SLCERT, Roshan Chandraguptha said that the general public should refrain from doing so to organizations sans the mandate to receive information pertaining to such, especially in relation to alleged incidents concerning the circulation and sharing of nude images online, and also without mandate to investigate into such. The SLCERT provides technical support and solutions in this regard.

As part of the activities organized for the cyber security month of August, the SLCERT has helped organize a hacking challenge and a security quiz and will be having a conference which will address matters such as mitigation and precautionary measures, on how to use the internet and personal online accounts in a secure manner and safely without getting into trouble, and how in the wake of ransomwares, organizations can protect their networks and systems.

“There are organizations and persons claiming that they possess information about such incidents and they claim that there are so many victims, yet there are no investigations by the relevant law enforcement agencies such as the Police, the Criminal Investigation Department or elsewhere the Authority who generally do investigations, searches and arrests, into such,” he said.

“There are no evidences when the matters are analyzed based on the information given by these said organizations and individuals. People must go to the correct organization, the Police or the State or Government office and not to somebody else,” he added.