Government MPs including Ministers representing the United National Party (UNP) are preparing to bring a no confidence motion against fellow Party member and Minister of Justice, President’s Counsel (PC) Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.

The group who met with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Thursday (10) to discuss the matter have cited instances of the Minister being critical of the Government, allegations of the violation of the collective responsibility as a Cabinet Minister in relation to safeguarding Cabinet decisions, which they allege he has breached by way of certain statements made to the press.

He had most recently made such statements in relation to the controversial Hambantota port agreement where he had said that he would not stop until the port was returned back to the denizens.

In addition, the members alleged that the Minister was shielding certain high ranking leaders and high profile members of the former regime by blocking pending civil and criminal inquiries and investigations.

UNP MP Mujibur Rahman said that Premier Wickremesinghe whilst accepting the complaints of the group, too had acknowledged that there was a problem.

“Not just the entire UNP but the yahapalana (good governance) Government and even those who voted for him are not happy with the statements made by him, both inside and outside the Parliament, during the recent past couple of months. Elsewhere, the law is being implemented very slowly against those of the previous Government who have had allegations of crimes levelled against them,” he added.

Dr. Rajapakshe was not available for a comment.
The no-faith motion for which certain members of the Opposition too have reportedly put their signatures to, is scheduled to be handed over to the Speaker soon.

Meanwhile, a UNP MP has also announced that he intends to bring a no confidence motion against Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government, Faiszer Musthapha PC over the continued postponement of elections.