The master plan with regard to the integrated township development project involving Kalmunai and Sammanthurai of the East is presently under preparation, the Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply informed.

A series of meetings in this regard are presently underway involving the Ministry and relevant officials from a number of other institutions including the Urban Development Authority, the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation, the Road Development Authority, the Department of Irrigation, the Ceylon Electricity Board, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, MPs including Ministers representing the said areas (including H.M.M. Harees, Faizal Cassim and M.I.M. Mansoor), divisional secretaries and the official engineers.

Professor at the Department of Town and Country Planning of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Moratuwa, Prof. P.K.S. Mahanama    along with other officials are tasked with preparing the said master plan.

The project seeks to convert the said cities into modern ones with infrastructure facilities (including high rise buildings, highways, transport facilities and railways linking the cities, flood handling systems built into the design along with developed water bodies such as tanks and reservoirs) with the view of making the cities and linking them as commercial hubs for local and foreign investments.