Developmental economists and researchers highlighted that one of Sri Lanka’s largest exports to India, in terms of value, was scrap metals and as such there was a lucrative trade in scrap metals thriving in the Vanni and Jaffna.

Scrap metals are retrieved from abandoned vehicles and agriculture/fisheries related metal appliances. India (2)

Founder of and Principal Researcher at the Point Pedro Institute of Development, Dr. Muttukrishna Sarvananthan said that in the sparsely populated jungle areas of the Vanni mainland, the collection and trading of firewood, the trading of timber and the scrap metal business were widespread and lucrative.

“It is not only the civilians, but the military that is also involved in the foregoing trades in a big way,” he added.

Elsewhere, economic researchers observing development related aspects also noted that the agricultural produce of the North was increasingly marketed outside the Province, especially in Colombo and the suburbs, which in turn provided the farmers with greater earnings.

Cargills, Nestle and certain other large private companies are of the practice of purchasing the produce of Northern farmers, thereby expanding the market for the primary produce of the Northern Province.

Cargills has setup a food and beverage processing plant in Ariviyal Nagar in the Southern part of the Kilinochchi District. Similarly, the MA’s Tropical Food Processing (Private) Limited is in the process of establishing a food and beverage processing plant {North Lanka Family Foods (Pvt) Ltd} in Iyakkachchi in the Northern part of the Kilinochchi District.

Fish caught in the Northern seas are increasingly purchased by fisheries processing companies in the Western Province for export. Taprobane Seafoods (Pvt) Ltd has processing plants for high value fisheries produce such as crabs and shrimps from the Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mannar Districts of the Northern Province.