Aries (Mesha): Natives are reminded that they are prone to disease due to the adverse influence of Jupiter continuing transit in the 6th House. Losses due to thefts and high expenditures are also possibilities. Short journeys, cordial relationships with relatives, brothers and sisters, increased wealth and influence are held out by Venus now in your 3rd House. However, Sun-Mars combination in the 4th House may cause mental unrest, strained relations with kinsmen and ill-health. Natives are advised not to enter into any transactions in respect of lands and property.

Taurus (Vrushabha): Jupiter continuing transit in the5th House raises the prospect of a perfect match for natives who are single. An ideal time is on for trading on the stock market. Happiness in the family, increased wealth and even state honours and recognition are among the benefits that Venus in the 2nd House is likely to bring you. Powerful Sun-Mars combination in the 3rd House makes you bold and courageous, powerful and influential and brings you success in all endeavors.

Gemini (Mithuna): Avoid property-related transactions and getting involved in litigation as such activity is unfavourable due to Jupiter in the 4th House. You are also warned to be extra careful when driving vehicles too. Venus now in transit in your 1st House holds out a happy family life, cordial relations with friends, comforts and pleasures. However, a brief unfavourable spell is ahead due to Sun-Mars combination in your 2nd House. Be on your guard to avert circumstances which could lead to loss of wealth and damage to your reputation.

Cancer (Kataka): Saturn in the 5th House is a warning for you to exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with your business partners. You may have to face many hurdles in the way of your business and other affairs due to the adverse influence of Jupiter in your 3rd House. Venus in your 12th House is likely to cause the loss of some of your comforts. You are prone to act in anger and haste due to the adverse influence of Sun-Mars combination in your 1st House.

Leo (Simha): Saturn in the 4th House can cause financial instability, problems in the family and ill-health. Venus in your 11th House signifies increased income, delightful company of friends and good health. However, loss of wealth, involvement in litigation, heavy expenses, eye disease, bilious trouble and disputes in the family are on the cards due to the adverse influence of Sun-Mars combination in your 12th House.

Virgo (Kanya): You are likely to experience a poor progress or a stalemate in all your affairs as an adverse effect of Jupiter transiting in your Lagna. Troubles from enemies, unforeseen financial losses and mental anguish and attempts to tarnish your reputation are likely due to Venus being unfavorably placed in the 10th House. Problems related to your career are also possible. Sun-Mars combination in the 11th House assures higher status and job satisfaction in addition to an increased income, business success, enhanced comforts, new friends and enjoyments.

Libra (Thula): You are prone to stomach troubles and diseases of gall bladder when the Moon transits in your 5th House from August 8 to 11. Venus in your 9th House holds out a happy, comfortable and successful time for you. Meanwhile, the favourable Sun-Mars combination in your 10th House raises the prospect of business and career success in addition to an increased income and harmony in the family and marital happiness. Retrograde Saturn in your 2nd House assures success and achievements.

Scorpio (Vrushika): A higher position of authority and a socially good time are held out by Jupiter in the 11th House. Pleasures, comforts, good health and marital happiness are indicated by Venus now in your 8th House. However, Sun-Mars combination in the 9th House can lead to loss of wealth and status. With Saturn now back in your Lagna, you have to unleash your latent strengths to face the difficult times ahead.

Sagittarius (Dhanu):  The brief spell from August 6 to 8 when Moon transits in your 2nd House is not favourable for financial transactions. Jupiter in the 10th House could make you feel wretched and miserable. You are advised to avoid arguments with your superiors. Venus in your 7th House is a warning to avoid association and dealings with dubious females. Sun and Mars combination in your 8th House can cause loss of wealth, disease and injuries leading to loss of blood.

Capricorn (Makara): Moon placed in your 1st House from August 6 to 8 is very favourable for you. Power over rivals and enemies, good health, increased wealth, power and influence are held out by Venus in your 6th House. Sun-Mars combination in the 7th House is an unfavourable position which could cause strained relations with the spouse and even business-partners. Even Ill-effects such as eye troubles, stomach ache and indigestion are possible. Saturn’s return to your 11th House may bring you an increased income and even a position of authority.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Venus in the 5th House holds out good health, increased wealth, happiness from children and success at competitions. Powerful Sun-Mars combination in the 6th House can bring you power and influence in addition to a mind free from worries and a body free from disease, happiness and an increased income. Jupiter continuing transit in your 8th House could involve you in law suits and litigation.

Pisces (Meena): A good social time with friends, cordial relations with relatives and mental peace are assured by Venus now in your 4th House. However, Sun-Mars combination in the 5th House may cause separation from spouse and children. Mercury now in your 6th House assures you of increased power and influence. Saturn’s return to Scorpio in your 9th House may bring you both illness and unhappiness.