Incumbent Prime Minister’s Spokesperson and Deputy Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Rosy Senanayake has informed that she would be contesting to be elected to the Colombo Municipal Council at the next Local Government authority election.

The former United National Party (UNP) Minister in an interview given to the Rivira Sunday Edition, said that her focus if elected to office would be on waste management, in particular on paying emphasis on addressing issues that arise when disposing of waste, introducing mechanisms in relation to recycling waste and converting waste to energy through the use of technologies that have been developed around the world.

She also raised concerns about the rapid spread of the deadly dengue fever, adding that nationally, a new electoral system and a new Constitution were of paramount importance. She was of the view that the journey being taken by the joint Government at present was essential to defeating separatist politics.

Elsewhere, she highlighted the plight of the many wattes (slums and shanties), according to her 1,000, in the Colombo area, and of their dwellers.

“The people who live within the City of Colombo municipality jurisdiction have not been able to strengthen their lives economically. There is much to be done about the sanitation, drinking water, housing, children’s school education and early childhood development of those who live in wattes. There are many measures to be taken. Colombo is our resource and a UNP stronghold which needs to be developed,” Senanayake explained.