Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake on Friday said there will be no room for ‘murderers’ within the military who are trying to take the cover of war heroes to avoid prosecution.

The army chief made these statements when he met with reporters after worshipping at the Temple of the Relic in Kandy.

He had reportedly stated that he will not allow any criminal elements within the military taking the cover of war heroes, which would tarnish the image of the forces.

“If anyone has used the military uniform and committed any offence during the war, or thereafter, he is not a war hero,” he had reportedly said.

However, he also added that those who fought the war bravely would not be punished. “Those who fought the war will not be punished. Not a single soldier who fought bravely has been punished, nor will they be allowed to be penalised because we have not committed any offences,” he had reportedly stated.