Emmanuel Macron has announced he still hopes to convince an isolated Donald Trump to change his mind on the Paris Climate Agreement.

The US President announced his decision to withdraw from the landmark 2016 deal last month – the only world leader to do so.

The declaration was met with widespread criticism from the international community, who said it jeopardised action against global warming.

All leaders of the planet’s richest 20 nations – besides Trump – used the summit to declare the Paris deal “irreversible” and requiring action “swiftly”.

Theresa May said she was “dismayed” by the US withdrawing from the agreement and hoped  Trump would change his mind.

Angela Merkel, who hosted the summit in Hamburg, said she “deplored” the decision, and thought it was unlikely the US would rejoin.

A communique, on behalf of the G20 members, singled out the US for its withdrawal, saying they “took note” of the position.

“The leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible,” the document said.

(The Independent)