Q : Are the people enjoying democracy and happy?

A : No. One cannot say that there are no problems. Today, an allegation is levelled from the people themselves that there is excessive democracy. That is why in certain instances there are uprisings. However, this does not mean that these must be stopped by way of assaults and killings.

Q : Yet in Kolonnawa, we saw goons continuously chasing and attacking protestors.  

A : That was not an army of goons. Today, the general public has even come forward to control strikes. This is not a good situation.

Q : Is this not because of the inability of the Government?

A : No. However, there is some truth to the statement. When the Government does not go and suppress this, the people attempt to do so. If the Government went and shot and assaulted, the people will be silent. However, when the people do not get fuel and daily affairs get constrained, they get enraged and may attack. This is not good but it does happen. However on future such occasions that arise, the Government will think of the common person and arrive at a position. This is because what these matters teach us is that the law must be enforced more than it is being enforced at present.

Q : What does the Sri Lanka Freedom Party say about the many revelations coming out with regard to the bonds which has caused massive damage to the Government?

A : I am the first person to take this to the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption and continuously appear for such. Although now many have come forward and started shouting, I am the one who first made the revelation and did all that is needful.

Although we are in the Government we will not allow these to be swept under in any way. The Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka was sent home because we made such a request from the President. In the same manner, the President appointed the Commission. He is our Party leader. This has never happened before. Even when greater thefts occurred, such did not take place. All that happened all this while was to appoint hollow commissions. Now the country can see the activities of this Commission. Never before has such a Commission acted this independently. Today, the President has given complete freedom.

Q : Revelations alone are insufficient. Will punishments be meted out?

A : Definitely. Both the President and the Party is of the stance that the wrongdoers with regard to the bonds must receive punishments.

Q : On this issue, the finger is pointed entirely at the United National Party (UNP). Can you all unashamedly continue to be in the Government together?

A : Wrong. What would happen if we come out of the Government? Then, they can continue such in an even worse fashion. This is because already seven to eight Joint Opposition MPs have had talks with regard to going over to that side. What will happen to the country if the UNP obtains the support of the Tamil National Alliance and tries to govern the country? We must look at the country. If we are thinking about the country, we have to mandatorily stay on in the Government and while staying on we must find these wrongs, expose them, punish those responsible and create a background where and in which such will not recur. We have stopped many anti-people moves that the UNP attempted to do.