Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday hosted the women’s cricket team and told the players that they made the nation proud like several other “daughters” of the country.
The team has returned from London after participating in Women’s World Cup in which India lost to England in the final played last Sunday.

Modi had posted a series of tweets before the match to wish luck to the team and to players individually. He had also tweeted soon after the match to hail the team’s performance.

During the interaction today, the players said that this was the first time that they had seen a Prime Minister tweeting for the women’s cricket team, the PMO said.
They said that they felt proud, happy and inspired to know that the Prime Minister was following their progress, PMO said in a statement.

Responding to questions asked by the players on handling pressure, the Prime Minister said that Yoga helps achieve a good balance between mind, body and action. He also said that practice of Yoga helps develop detachment, it said.

Telling the players that they had not “lost”, the Prime Minister said that 125 crore Indians carried their defeat in the final, on their shoulders, and this was, in fact, their greatest victory, the statement said.

Modi  said India’s daughters have made the nation proud in many international sporting events and that the society is benefiting from the progress that  women are making in various fields. Besides sports, he mentioned the school results of Class 10 and 12; and women space scientists who have  played a key role in prestigious ISROmissions.The players presented a signed cricket bat to the Prime Minister.

Times of India