Ballerina is a new integration language by middleware giants, WSO2. According to Sudaraka Jayashanka, CTO and Chief Architect at Mitra Innovation– a Sri Lankan/UK company specialising in Cloud integration, digital transformation, and product incubation – it is “the first ever appealing integration programming language built specifically for system integration”.

To coincide with the development and soft launch of Ballerina, WSO2 organised a Hackathon in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 22 July, where teams of developers could test its capabilities in real-life development situations.

WSO2 said that the aim of the hackathon was “for a few passionate programmers to take Ballerina for a twirl, push it to its limits and give … valuable feedback.”Feedback could encompass identifying bugs and providing suggestions for improvements.

To take part in the Hackathon, participants had to apply and submit a real-life proposal for a problem that needed to be fixed, using a solution involving Ballerina.WSO2 selected 25 teams from many entrants. Two of the successful teams chosen – Team Oxygen and Team Cybus – were from Mitra Innovation, a preferred partner of WSO2, and a company with a strong commitment to open source initiatives.