David Warner took a dim view of the latest developments in Australia’s pay dispute, posting a message on his Instagram account accompanying a picture of him in full Test garb, including baggy green cap.

“This Baggy means the world to me,” he wrote. “Myself and all the other cricketers female and male want to get out there and play. We offered 30m of our money to grassroots as a peace plan. It was ignored. We asked for mediation twice before and it was rejected. Now [Cricket Australia] says there is a crisis.

“The players are unemployed and some are hurting financially but continue to train. Administrators all still being paid. How is it our fault no deal is done. fairshare.”
The dispute is headed towards the “fair-minded solution” of independent arbitration if agreement over terms for a new memorandum of understanding cannot be reached by early next week.

Cricket Australia’s chief executive, James Sutherland, faced the media on Thursday afternoon, just days after the organisation had indicated a deal with the players’ union was “closer than it appears” to being reached, to outline what he sees as the next logical step in the saga which is threatening this summer’s cricket schedule.