In the afterglow of the World Cup triumph the England and Wales Cricket Board director of women’s cricket has called on the sport to seize the moment, grab sponsorship opportunities and expand the game in India. Clare Connor said the next move was crucial for the sport.

“It was an unbelievably special day but it’s what you do next,” Connor said. “Take track cycling. During the Olympics, everyone loves it. Millions are watching but don’t know what is going on in the intervening years. We can’t let that happen.”

Women’s cricket will never be the same again
Citing the need for new commercial partners and better domestic competitions, Connor, also a member of the International Cricket Council’s world cricket committee, has pledged to stay in her role to consolidate gains of the past month.

“The tournament, with all the statistics around it, is building a bigger and stronger business case for the women’s game. There has to be a correlation between what has happened here and investment. We know it isn’t a saturated market.

“For a much smaller sponsorship fee, you can get great rights with great women who are hot property, brilliant role-models that are very accessible and forthcoming.

“If you are a feminist, if you want to see progress and improvement and credibility and want to be part of that movement and that journey, then you don’t need a major sum of money.”

Numbers told the story: the global television audience topped 50m through the tournament – an 80% spike from 2013 – with the final alone winning 1.16m viewers in the UK on Sky, more than the men’s Champions Trophy final in June.