In today’s fast-paced world, a considerable percentage of people have chronic insomnia, and an even greater number have occasional bouts of sleeplessness. And irregular sleep can throw off everything from our cognition and emotions to our hormones and weight.
While restlessness may seem inevitable when you’re in the thick of it, there are plenty of small changes you can make to prepare the body and mind for restorative zzz’s. Here, you’ll find the perfect sleep-promoting tweaks based on your personality and astrology. So grab hold of those essential oils, light a candle, sip your nighttime tea, and snuggle up in your bed because it’s time to finally hone an effective, enjoyable nighttime routine.

Libra: Experiment with essential oils

As the artistic, evenhanded sign of the zodiac, you’ll love mixing and matching essential oils until you find the right nighttime blend. Chamomile and bergamot are great dream-weaving scents to kick off your alchemical journey.

Leo: Try a restorative yoga routine

Moving your body is the perfect way to unleash some of that playful energy, Leo. You can use your creative mind to dream up new yoga poses to do in bed or stick with the classics like cat-cow and child’s pose.

Gemini: Switch up your bedding

You’re of two minds about everything and love to explore new ways of doing things. Lucky for you, sleeping on fresh, clean sheets is a surefire way to clear the air and promote a good night’s rest. Spray a lavender spritz on them and you’re good to go.

Sagittarius: Light candles

Let some of that exuberance and enthusiasm shine through (pardon the pun) by bringing more candles into your life. There’s nothing better for your fire sign than curling up with a good book by the candlelight. Opt for ones made of soy or beeswax, as traditional paraffin wax has been linked to health problems like asthma and allergies. Make the rest of your sleep den a chemical-free sanctuary.

Aries: Do a breath work meditation

You’re the leader of the pack with a lightning-fast mind, so use bedtime as an opportunity to quiet those racing thoughts. Try a simple meditation by sitting in bed, breathing deeply, and repeating a mantra until the rest of your inner dialogue quiets down. If you want to add another layer of relaxation, try throwing a breathing exercise into the mix. Inhale for six counts, hold for six, and exhale for six, imagining you’re releasing lingering stress from the day with each breath.

Scorpio: Make your own face mask

Passionate and driven, you’re always up for a challenge. Concocting a DIY mask or scrub before bed is a soothing way to heed your uninhibited desires. Crafting your own skin-care regimen can be as simple as mashing up a banana, adding some honey, and letting the mixture soothe and rejuvenate dry skin.

Aquarius: Journal

You’re curious and imaginative, so grab a pen and commit those colorful thoughts to paper. You can review your day in a stream-of-consciousness style or follow a more prescriptive prompt, like describing the most fulfilling moment of your day in detail or creating a list of places in your neighborhood you’d like to explore.

Taurus: Start a beverage ritual

A cup of tea or golden milk is the perfect complement to your calm, peaceful persona. Plus, these nighttime beverages come packed with serious health benefits: The turmeric in golden milk heightens memory and brain function, and calming teas like lavender and valerian regulate the nervous system and stress response.

Cancer: Treat yourself to a long bath or shower

You’re the nurturer of the zodiac, so use night as a time to treat yourself to the same gentle, maternal love you give others during the day. Throw some essential oils in the tub to boost relaxation, or turn your shower into an aromatic experience by hanging a pouch of lavender on your shower head.

Pisces: Craft a sleep playlist

Intuitive and dreamy, your soul is craving a soft, smooth playlist to usher in sweet dreams. Make sure it includes the sound of bells, which represent your spiritual nature, and drums, which will ground you and connect you to life’s subtle rhythms.

Virgo: Keep a sleep journal

You’re keenly analytical, almost to the point of being a perfectionist. Put that attention to detail to good use by keeping a sleep journal of everything you did before bed and the corresponding quality of your night’s rest. There are many things that could be hindering your sleep, including a highly processed diet, a poor sleep environment, or an unsupportive mattress. Your journal can shed light on a diagnosis and let you know if you need to cut out sugar before bed or switch to a more comfy mattress.

Capricorn: Enforce a bedroom digital detox

It can be difficult for you to turn off your hardworking, ambitious spirit, so it’s best to make your bedroom a smartphone-free zone. That way, you won’t be tempted to check those emails rolling in past 10.