The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, in association with the Department of Sri Lanka Customs, will organize a series of half day Seminars on Export & Import Procedures in  order to help exporters maximize opportunities in the global market.

The seminar series will focus on areas such as Goods Valuation, Export Procedures, Goods Classification and Harmonised System, Import Procedures, Export facilitation, Bonding and Entrepot Trade.

This seminar series will provide practical information to help protect a firm’s interests and maximize opportunities in the Global Market Place. It has been noticed that often importers and exporters, even those with years of experience, encounter unexpected issues that could be easily avoided.

The seminars will be conducted by Mr. T Raviendrarajah, Deputy Director of Customs and Mr. T G A Arachchi Superintendent of Customs. The first session will take place on the 3rd August, 2017 at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.