The Ministry of Health informed that concentrating on sub fertility management under family planning was a new policy level decision taken by the health authorities.
The Family Planning Unit of the Family Health Bureau explained that previously sub fertility management had not been taken seriously.

Consultant Community Physician at the Unit, Dr. Sanjeeva S.P. Godakandage said that the lack of coordination of family planning efforts and programmes at the national level and the District level, in the case of the latter where there is a technical officer called the medical officer who looks into aspects of maternal and child health related issues including also family planning, remained a weak area.

Sub fertility is a need of the people, however the sub fertility healthcare service (primary care to in vitro fertilization therapy) provided by the State, Government sector (it is also available in the private sector) is costly, he added.

Elsewhere, Dr. Godakandage said that while they had firmly deviated from applying family planning as a means of population control, they had also specially targeted special groups (those at the extremes in terms of age, young girls, adolescents, those having sex, those living together, women above 35 years of age, middle aged females, older females) when it came to addressing the issue of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, instead of considering the entire general public’s female population.

“Any female of reproductive age in an intimate, close relationship requires a family planning method,” he pointed out.